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Home Security – a few helpful tips

Skill Level: Beginner



The majority of residential burglaries are carried out by the opportunist and casual thief. A soft, easy touch allows a quick in-and out, with minimal disturbance; in other words “easy pickings” Thieves can very quickly determine how well a home is protected or not protected, but even a few simple precautions can act as a significant deterrent. With just a few basic tools, and some relatively inexpensive items of security equipment, you can greatly increase the security of your home and possessions. Listed below are some helpful tips on how to “tighten up” your security arrangements.


Don't advertise the fact you're away from home.

The obvious first steps are to cancel both the milkman and any newspaper or magazine deliveries. So far so good! But try and arrange for a neighbour to make sure any mail (including unsolicited leaflets and offers) isn’t poking out of your letter-box! If you have a porch; ensure that mail can’t be seen building up in a pile on the floor!

Doors and Windows


There is an array of door and window security fittings to choose from, with something to suit most situations. A good supplier can advise on the equipment best suited to your needs. Keep in mind though; any fittings you install will only be as effective as the overall strength and integrity of the door and the frame to which they are attached. Security fittings for doors and windows include, but are not limited to;
·         Deadlocking Cylinder Night latches.
·         5-lever Deadlocks.
·         Rack-Bolts for securing windows
·         Hinge-Bolts.
·         Sash locks ( a combination latch and bolt mechanism)
·         Patio Door security locks.



The garage is often overlooked when considering security around the home. Where the garage adjoins the main house, it is often the preferred choice of entry point for the opportunist thief. Make sure your garage is fitted with good quality security locks to both the doors and windows. Don’t take the cheapest option- get the best you can afford

Garden Sheds

Our garden sheds are a ready supply of tools suitable for gaining entry into properties, very handy for Mr Burglar. Make sure you fit good quality padlocks and that windows are securely locked.

Trees, hedges and shrubs

Just a thought! Where possible avoid having high vegetation that will provide cover for the determined thief. Neighbours can better detect unwanted visitors when they have a good view of your property. Consider also, planting a thorny barrier hedge, for example hawthorn, holly or berberis. Thorny plants seem to act as a psychological barrier as well as physical. An appropriate hedge makes your property a less suitable target to the opportunistic thief.


The best option is to store ladders indoors where possible. Where they must be left outside-then-chain and padlock them to a strong, wall mounted bracket or other fitting.

Security Lights

Having strategically located (outside) security lights is perhaps one of the most effective deterrents you can buy. These lights will automatically switch on when a sensor detects movement within its beam of focus, putting any intruder well and truly under the spotlight! Site your security lights in locations where a thief would try and gain entry; above doors, French-windows, at the back of the house or garage, in fact anywhere that is partially obscured and out of immediate view. A good supplier will be able to offer a selection of attractively designed light fittings for security purposes


Apart from calling in a professional security company to install an alarm system to your home- the best- but more expensive option; there are several simple and cheaper battery powered alarm systems available to the householder.

Tools you will need:

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