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How to Replace a Glass window Pane

Skill Level: Intermediate


Re-glazing is a relatively simple job, if we are talking about smallish panes of glass, certainly if you are doing it yourself. As long as you keep safety in mind throughout the whole process you will be fine. There is no place here for heavy handedness and impatience. Glass breakage and repair can be a costly affair if you have to call someone out; and in certain circumstances it need not be necessary at all. The stages listed below are designed to take us through the process, step by step. They are not difficult and require no real skills or training to complete the job satisfactorily

Check the Opening Size

Check first the size of the opening to be re-glazed, and the thickness and type of glass that was previously installed

Make sure the opening is square

Make sure the opening is square!  If not then using card or paper, make an actual template.

If the pane to be replaced is already broken

If the pane to be replaced is already broke then we need only to carefully remove the remaining glass. Always wear gloves and safety glasses during this operation. If the glass is merely cracked then it is a good idea to place several strips of masking tape over the glass surface and gently break the glass, starting from the top working down in order to avoid falling glass.

Remove any fixing pins or sprigs

Remove any fixing pins or sprigs using pliers or pincers and scrape or chisel out all the old putty. Ensure all edges and surfaces of the glass rebate are clean and smooth. Ideally, before fixing the new pane of glass the pane recess should be primed.

After offering up the replacement glass panel

After offering up the replacement glass panel and confirming the fit, spread a bead of putty along the whole of the rebate. Press gently but firmly the piece of glass into the rebate and secure with sprigs or small pins; set at least a 75mm from any corners, and fix a small number between corners, depending on size of glass panel.

Care should be taken during this operation!

When firmly set in position

When firmly set in position a bead of well worked and smooth putty is then run around the edge of the outer surface of the window pane using a putty knife to finish the job off.

Tools you will need:
Rolson 200mm Combination Pliers
Rolson 200mm Combination Pliers

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