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Tool-kits - A Starters Guide.

Skill Level: Beginner


There are lots of tool catalogues accessible for you to choose from. In fact it is often very difficult in deciding just what you need from the hundreds of pieces of equipment available. The tools listed below form your basic toolkit as it would be difficult to carry out the simplest DIY without these tools.  More complex tools can always be purchased later and expensive items are usually available for hire.

The first tip I can give you is to always buy the best you can afford as these will last longer and your experience of using these tools will be greatly enhanced.   The inexpensive mass made tools will do the job but are not usually made to last; there is nothing more annoying than a screwdriver that bends or a hammer head falling off.
Try getting to know your tools first and experiment with them before you start a project for real. Keep them clean and dry, storing them in a dust free tool bag or box.


Work-Benches. A better, more secure and safer option.

Work-Bench – You may think you can use your kitchen table for cutting or marking but I promise you that a work bench will make things so much easier and safer. A small folding bench is perfect for the DIY beginner as these are so light,and convenient for storage and transport.

Be Organised - Keep Things Tidy.

Storage – Keep all your nails, screws, drill bits etc neat and tidy. Purpose made boxes can be had for very little, and make it easier to find all these little but important items the next time you need them.

Cutting Equipment. For cutting most things around the home and garden.


Cutting Equipment –
    • All purpose cutting knife with interchangeable blades.
    • Junior hacksaw with 6” blade.
    • Hacksaw adjusting from about 10”-12”
    • Tenon saw 12” with 14 points (14 teeth per inch)
    • Panel saw about 22” long with 10 points.


Don't Guess - Measure it!

Measuring Tools
    • 12 foot steel locking tape measure
    • Folding rule
    • Combination Square with built in spirit level
    • Spirit level 24”
    • Carpenter’s pencil

Smoothing Tools

Smoothing Tools
    • Bevel edge chisels, 10mm, 18mm and 25mm
    • Smoothing plane
    • Rasp

Hammers - For just about Everything.


    • Claw hammer, steel with rubber sleeve
    • Cross Pein Hammer about 12oz in weight
    • Carpenter’s mallet
    • Club Hammer


Power Drill-Driver Combi and Bits.

Drills and Bits
  • Electric drill complete with a selection of bits. The more specialized bits can be purchased “as and when"
  • Portable-Re-Chargeable power drills are very handy, although perhaps not best for drilling into concrete or brickwork.

Getting to Grips with Pliers and Pincers.

Pliers and Spanners
    • Combination pliers
    • Flat nose pliers
    • Electrician’s pliers
    • Snipe nose pliers
    • Mole grips
    • Carpenter’s Pincers

Screwdrivers. There are many different types of Screw head.

    • Ratchet screwdriver with a selection of tips
    • Stubby screwdriver
    • Power screwdriver bits that can be used with an electric drill or an electric screwdriver

Tools you will need:
Black & Decker WM536 Dual Height Workmate
Black & Decker WM536 Dual Height Workmate
- 5 Piece Carpenters Tool Kit
5 Piece Carpenters Tool Kit
- Marksman 250mm Locking Pliers
Marksman 250mm Locking Pliers
- Stanley 4-84-488 FatMax 3 Piece Plier Set
Stanley 4-84-488 FatMax 3 Piece Plier Set
- Am-Tech Junior Hacksaw
Am-Tech Junior Hacksaw
- Faithfull 16oz Fibreglass Handled Claw Hammer
Faithfull 16oz Fibreglass Handled Claw Hammer

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