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D&D Hinges

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  1. D&D TruClose Self Closing Regular Hinges - for Metal Gates

  2. D&D TruClose Regular Hinges - for Wooden Gates

  3. D&D TruClose Regular Decorative Hinges - for Wooden Gates

  4. D&D TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges - for Metal Gates

  5. D&D TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges - for Wooden Gates

  6. D&D TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges - for Narrow Metal Gates

  7. D&D TruClose Heavy Duty Multi-Adjust Hinges - for Wooden Gates

  8. D&D TruClose Regular Multi-Adjust Hinges - for Metal Gates

  9. D&D TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges - for 50mm Diameter Posts

  10. D&D TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges - for Different Diameter Posts

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The award winning D&D TruClose Hinges are the safest, most reliable hinge on the market, they come with many features that will optimize your gate to the highest standards.

Self Closing Ability: 
All TruClose Hinges come with a sprung self closing feature with patented tension adjustment, which allows you to customize the close force of the gate. This ensures that you never have to worry about leaving the gate open for a child or pet to get out unwittingly. The self closing aspect of the hinge allows the gate to return to its' original closed position where a LokkLatch can lock it shut to stop unwanted access. Add a D&D LokkLatch for just £29.10

Weather Resistant:
Like all D&D's products these are made from strong polymer and stainless steel to eliminate and fear of rust, their unique design also stops any binding, saging and are completly stain proof.

Our D&D Hinges also come with built in Alignment Legs for added strength & stability and have optional stylish trim covers to hide all fixing holes to provide a truly professional finish.