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Bike and Motorcycle Locks

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  1. Abus 1100/55 55mm Combi Cable Lock - Black 12817

  2. Abus 6KS/65 Security Chain Length 650mm

  3. Abus 6KS/85 Security Chain Length 850mm

  4. Abus 70/45/6KS65 Chain & Lock Combo 6mm/650mm

  5. Abus 8/200 Cobra 200mm Cable Length

  6. Abus 8KS/110 Security Chain - Length 1100mm

  7. Abus 8KS/140 Security Chain - Length 1400mm

  8. Abus 8KS/85 Security Chain - Length 850mm

  9. Abus 950/100 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock

  10. Abus 950/170 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock 170cm

    Out of stock

  11. Abus 950/80 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock 80cm

    Out of stock

  12. Am-Tech 25mm x 1m Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cable Lock

    Out of stock

  13. H. Squire 12C Security Cable 12mm with Looped Ends

  14. Abus 6KS/110 Security Chain Length - 1100mm

    Out of stock

  15. Abus 650/65 Colour Cable Lock 9mm / 650mm

  16. Abus 650/65 Cable Lock

  17. Abus 1100/55 Combination Cable Lock -  6mm x 550mm

  18. Abus 1150/120 Combi Black New Cable Lock 08550 5

    Out of stock

  19. Abus 12/120 Cobra Cable 12mm x 1200mm

  20. Abus 1200/60 60mm Combi Black Chain Lock

  21. Abus 1290/65 Combination Cable Lock - 10mm x 650mm

  22. Abus 1300/150 Combination Cable Lock - 8mm x 1500mm

  23. Abus 1850/185 Cobra Cable Lock - Black 12752

  24. Abus 1900/55 55mm Cable Lock - Black 12818

  25. Abus 1950/120 Black Cable Lock

  26. Abus 37/60HB70 Granit 37 Orange Brake Disk Lock

    Out of stock

  27. Abus 43/150HB300 USH Shackle Lock

    Out of stock

  28. Abus 54/160 HB230 & USH54 Granit X Plus 54 D-Lock & Bracket

  29. H.Squire 3536PR Lock & Chain Set 900mm

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Bike chains and motorcycle locks from Ironmongery Online

Keeping a car secure is fairly easy, but avoiding bicycle and motorbike theft can be more of a worry. If you regularly use your motorbike or bicycle and leave it outdoors or in an unsecure location, a good bike lock is absolutely key. Here at Ironmongery Online, we’ve chosen a top range of secure locks to keep your vehicles safe should anyone take a shine to them. From high security cycle chains to extra durable bike shackle locks, you’ll find something to keep your bike safe and give you peace of mind.

Security for bicycles

Whether it’s your own bike that you take to work and back each day or the family’s collection of cycles, effective bike security is required to stop thieves from trying their luck. Keeping them stored in a shed is one way to keep them out of the way, but what if your shed is lacking in security? Or what if your garden gate is left open with your bicycle tucked in the back yard? For this reason, it makes sense to buy a specific lock for your bicycles.

Whilst some everyday stores stock flimsy, unreliable cycle locks, Ironmongery Online specialise in durable security, so why not choose from our great selection of locks? From bike chains to bike cable locks, our expansive selection has everything you need to keep your bicycles safe, no matter what your requirements.

Motorcycle locks

Along with our more commonly used bike locks, you’ll also find extra strength shackles, padlocked cables and extreme heavy duty locks to keep larger motorcycles safe from opportunists. These locks are built to last and are designed for the exact purpose of keeping highly valuable motorcycles and other items secure and safe.

High quality locks for your vehicles

When purchasing a lock for your vehicle, you’ll want to know that the bike lock is of utmost resilience and reliability. Our expert team assess all our items for quality purposes before we choose to stock them, so you can rest assured that your bike chain lock purchase from Ironmongery Online is a worthwhile one. Ordering is easy and can be completed in just a few clicks. Speedy dispatch combined with great value and easy ordering make us the number one choice when it comes to purchasing bike security products online. Don’t forget – our friendly customer service team are available via email, phone or online chat should you have any queries about placing an order.