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How to save Money with a Clothes Airer

Clothes Airers

A clothes airer can save money on energy bills, and look stylish, we offer choices such as a clothes horse, rotary washing line, or rotary clothes line.

OK so in the current economic climate if you can save some money on electricity costs that should be of interest to you and if by doing that you are helping to save the planet then that’s even better!



If you are looking to dry clothes indoors then tumble dryers are often the first thing that people think about as they are the modern day solution. However the 20th Century invention has a few drawbacks.

Tumble driers vary greatly when it comes to their energy rating, some of the very expensive newer models can be A+++ which is the best rating you can have, down to a lowly G for very inefficient ones.

The “Energy Saving Trust” rates a typical tumble drier at a C rating which is going to cost about 40p each time you use it.

So why not consider going back in time to the “old fashioned” clothes airer, not only will you save money but the “Airer Maid” varieties add some Victorian charm to the look of your kitchen.

The 40p cost of using a tumble drier makes an indoor airer great value for money over the long term and you are helping to slow down the effects of climate change.

If used correctly (items laid flat across the rails and spaced out well) an airer drying clothes indoors will not take too long. It is advisable to do your washing in the late afternoon/evening so by the next morning everything should be pretty much dry.

Another big disadvantage to the tumble dryer is that it may cause clothes to shrink or become not so soft to the touch (due to loss of short soft fibres/lint).

So keep on top of your laundry with Ironmongery Online, so you always have clean, fresh clothes.


What can we offer you?

We have a large stock of indoor clothes airers, clothes horses, wall mounted driers and airer maids.

Clothes Airer


We also stock rotary washing lines for outdoors and clothes line accessories.

At Ironmongery Online, we have an incredible range of clothes airers for you to choose from, all at great prices and next day delivery is an option.

So if you are looking to dry your washing in an eco-friendly manner whilst making your home look stylish check out our full range here.

If you are hoping for a more traditional look then maybe a Pulley clothes airer would suit you more, see them here, as they offer classic styles with cast iron rack ends in variety of designs.

Our pulley clothes airers maximise the space available as they are suspended from the ceiling so they don’t take up valuable floor space in your kitchen or utility room.

Many people like the pulley airers as they look terrific with your saucepans and other kitchen utensils hanging down from them. Dried flowers and herbs hanging from them create a great Victorian kitchen vibe also.

If the more modern and contemporary is more your style then we can also offer a variety of options and choices including a variety of colours.


Other Space Savers

If space in your home is precious to you then give some thought to wall mounted clothes airers or a radiator airer. The radiator ones, as the name suggests, hang over the radiator itself which means that drying times can be reduced.

Wall mounted dryers are also environmentally friendly and very compact, making them ideal for use in areas where space is limited like a small flat or studio apartment. We also stock “foldaway airers”, also known as “clothes horse” these are perfect for drying your washing indoors when the UK weather simply will not allow you to hang any washing outside.

So simply choose one of our airers to dry your clothes, giving you fresh, clean laundry in a cost effective and timely manner.  If your household washing basket is in danger of overflowing simply because you don't have anywhere to dry clothes correctly in doors it's time you treated yourself to an Ironmongery Online special offer. So if your problem is lots of washing but no space to hang it, you need our help.

We can help make doing the laundry less of a bore with our smart space-saving drying options.