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Decking Ideas

Decking Ideas

So you are planning to have some decking and are looking for some ideas on how to lay decking or the subject in general. This article will help if you are planning to do the work yourself or hire a contractor to do the work for you.

Decking Ideas

Lets face it we could all do with some professional tips for decking ideas, especially on how to lay decking if attempting it for the first time. If you know how to lay decking or are confident that you can do it then that will certainly reduce the costs of the project considerably, however if you are looking for a particularly tricky installation due to the terrain or a very large project then maybe getting help might be the way forward.

Decking installation is a very specialist trade (done right) so if you are planning to hire someone it’s important to know the right questions to ask at the quotation stage so you know exactly what work they will be undertaking and what materials will be used. Otherwise you cannot possibly judge the quotes given to you on a like for like basis.

If you do hire someone make sure they are properly qualified, and or hold professional membership of a recognised association or institute.

Can they show evidence of previous completed work they have carried out?

How long is the expected “life” of the decking, and how long is the materials and work warranted for. It’s important if you are fitting the decking yourself to check carefully the materials you are using as to the life expectancy and ask the contractor if you are using one.

What chemical treatments have the materials been given and what does the manufacturer say about the product?


Legal Considerations (Planning & Building Regulations)

According to the government planning portal website you only need to apply for planning permission if the decking is more than 30cm above the ground and “together with other extensions, outbuildings etc, the decking or platforms covers more than 50 per cent of the garden area”.

In Wales the decking is considered an extension if it near to the house (within 5m) or an outbuilding if it’s further away. Rules are fairly similar to in England though stricter if the property is listed.

In Scotland decking is considered a “permitted development” so again you will be fine most of the time.

Our advice is always check and ask before going ahead because if you erect anything without the correct permissions you may face really stringent application of the rules if they find out later.

The authorities are generally tougher when it comes to “retrospective” applications and they often get people to remove the decking as a deterrent to others not to act without permission.

If planning permission is required for your decking then building regs will apply, so speak to your local building control department.

So remember this if you get offered some cheap decking boards as they may be too cheap to be true!


Decking Designs

Is it pleasing on the eye is often the overriding factor when choosing decking and although we’d argue for longevity, durability etc. you have to live with it and if it doesn't (in your opinion) look nice then you will not enjoy your decked area when it’s completed.

Consider also not just how it will look when brand new but how it will look when weathered in and is a few years old.

Is the wood going to look bleached after a while, worse still will it start cracking, warping or splitting.

Remember that with really good treatments softwood can last as long as a badly or untreated hardwood.

Consider long and hard the wear and tear your decking will have to cope with and the weight it’s going to have to support when choosing the timber and if in doubt ask an expert which to choose.


Read the Instructions

If all else fails read the instructions! Most men feel that reading instructions is an admission of defeat but when it comes to fitting your own decking you really do need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

They know the specifications that are required to ensure that their decking will perform as you’d expect so there is no point ignoring them and then being disappointed with the results. If the decking doesn't have a life expectancy that was promised it could be because you ignored the recommended way to construct and treat it.

The membrane you use is also critically important as using an inadequate one is like fitting expensive carpet with cheap underlay.


Decking Screws

Decking screws is something that Ironmongery Online knows a lot about so you could certainly ask us about this important aspect installing your decking.

31961There are many different types and here at ironmongery online we have an unbeatable track record of supplying the options and choices available.

We sell blister packs of just 20 decking screws or bulk in 1,000 x lots.

Our popular sellers currently are Forgefix Decking Screws and these come as 4.5mm in a variety of lengths, 75mm, 60mm, 55mm, 50mm, and come as the green Anti-Corrosion treated option.

The Forgefix brands we sell have an enhanced coarse single thread that was designed specifically for decking. They are amazingly hardened and specialist green treated and come with a “Pozidriv” head that means enhanced torque levels with a lower risk of cam out. (The Pozidiv screws are proven to be far better than normal Philips)

Our decking screws are uniquely engineered to allow the wood to expand or contract with seasonal temperature swings. This ingenious design means there is a greatly reduced risk of your boards splitting.

They are hardened and green treated for no-holds-barred durability no matter what the British weather can throw at them.

They also have really sharp points for easier/faster installation.

All of our timber and decking screws have been designed to make sure they end up flush and are resistant to rust and will not work themselves loose over the years.

We know that if you are going to be buying potentially hundreds, if not thousands of decking screws it will be an expense so it's important that you are sure what you need before just buying the first ones you see.

Please speak to our customer service representatives, they are not just ordinary call centre staff, they really have knowledge of the trade and will be able to answer your questions.


Decking Finish

Decking OilIn some instances your decking could be left to naturally weather over time but it is usually recommended to apply a good quality oil treatment to reduce warping, increase durability and enhance the look of the look of it.

Discover the many types available through our website and again check with the timber manufacturer which type of oil would be best for you.



NB: We offer this blog article merely as a guide and it cannot be taken as specific advice, you should ask a professional regarding your individual needs.

Once installed though decking can add so much to your garden and will potentially give you and your family a great outdoor space to enjoy. We wish you all the best with your decking ideas.