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How to assemble flat pack furniture

How to assemble flat pack furniture How to assemble flat pack furniture

Introduction to Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Firstly you will either love it or hate it! Not how it looks or whether it can ever look as good as ‘ready made’ furniture: because it can! If you have a quality product…its as good as ready assembled, it’s just that you have the job, you must supply the labour – to put it together.

Many jobs around the home, those activities that come under the heading ‘DIY,’ are often not that difficult. If you have the right tools for the job, learn how to use them, know what you can, and what you cannot do: and take your time…are careful, then great things can be achieved.

Flat pack furniture has improved over the years, it has improved…but still there seems to be always stuff left over when you’ve finished, extra fittings, nuts and bolts, bits you just can’t find a home for. I always hang onto them for awhile…somewhere safe: then if things start leaning to one side, or worse, fall down – then I’ve got an idea where the part came from, or rather, where it should have gone!

Flat pack manufacturers have made their assembly instructions much simpler these days. Simple to understand diagrams have replaced lengthy and confusing text instructions.

First things first

Depending upon what exactly you are ‘making’ you will often find more than one box of materials arrive at your door: when opened, each box seems to hold ‘hundreds of bits and pieces, you won’t know where to start! This is where rule number one comes in…give yourself plenty of space to work in! Ideally you want to be able to empty the contents of the pack, and put them in some kind of order: see what you’ve got, and haven’t got. Your instruction booklet will have a list of everything you receive in the pack…check them off, one by one: you don’t want to get right to the end almost, and there are bits missing. Better to find out before you start.

Tools for the job

With some flat pack furniture, the smaller, simpler kind of item such as a bedside cabinet: may only require an Allen key, maybe a simple spanner (often supplied), or bigger, more elaborate designs of furniture, maybe be quite complicated, may take some time to assemble: might require one or two additional, basic tools items.

Things like: a hammer, screwdrivers, power drill, handsaw, it depends on what you are assembling. That said, no great carpentry skills are needed…just a basic knowledge, a bit of experience.

Most important…Read the instructions carefully

Number two rule in flat pack assembly…do not loose the instructions! Further, read through them first: have a look at the various sections, as you have them laid out and propped against walls, it gives you a feel of what you will be doing; where you start, what goes where…roughly.

Generally, you will receive a plastic bag full of all the pins, screws, handles, hinges, dowels: everything you need to complete the job in fact. Don’t loose anything else! Open the bag and empty it out on the carpet, or floor: separate things out: hinges here, handles there, screws over here, in their individual sizes, etc, etc. In other words, be organised. You’ll find things far less stressful, will go far more smoothly.

Assembling flat pack furniture, once and once only

Finally, but you need this from the beginning…patience, don’t try to rush things. You are doing this for you, it isn’t a race…take your time, and you will end up with exactly what you wanted, what you hoped for: and the best part is, you did it yourself!

Tools you will need:
Blue Spot Fibreglass Club Hammer 2.1/2Lb
Blue Spot Fibreglass Club Hammer 2.1/2Lb
- Bahco Ergo Screwdriver 6pc Set - PZ/PH/FL
Bahco Ergo Screwdriver 6pc Set - PZ/PH/FL
- Bahco (424-P Series) 3 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set

Bahco (424-P Series) 3 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set - Black & Decker X37100 Wizard General Purpose Set
Black & Decker X37100 Wizard General Purpose Set
- AEG (BS12C) 12V Ultra Compact Drill Driver 1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion
AEG (BS12C) 12V Ultra Compact Drill Driver 1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion

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