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How to fit Roller Blinds

How to fit Roller Blinds How to fit Roller Blinds

Introduction on How to fit Roller Blinds.

Are you thinking of roller blinds, perhaps fancy a change from curtains: or have had a roller blind ‘fitted’ by someone else in the past…thought it didn’t look that difficult:

Could save money if you did it yourself! Well, you’d be right, its not that difficult - doesn’t take too long – and you do not need a load of expensive tools and equipment.

It might be you want a complete change of style – from ceiling to floor coverings – to a more simple look: Roman blinds maybe - kit, or ready made up: you’ve a choice.

Roller blinds in kit form come complete; you haven’t got to actually ‘make’ anything, its all there, self assembly and fit!

The first step

Want to know How to fit Roller Blinds - The first step is to measure the window recess using a tape measure, the width, height: choose the fixing points. Always check your measurements twice!

Assemble, or unpack the roller, and cut to the size of your window recess. This is done using a fine toothed hacksaw or tenon saw. Then, cut the blind material to width, using a sharp pair of dressmaking or decorators scissors. Reassemble both together again. The length of the roller blind takes care of itself…you control the blind drop.

Roller blind fixing brackets

Roller blind fixing brackets are the final stage of installation. Place the fixing brackets where you will attach them, mark the hole positions using a pencil. Your roller blind kit will probably come with the appropriate size self tapping screws, for fixing to the wooden window frame.

Attaching the blind

Next, push firmly the plastic pin cap into one end of the blind, and the actual roller mechanism.

Then, set one end of the roller into one of the fixing brackets, and clip the other end in place, follow the diagram and instructions as provided by the manufacturer, you won’t go wrong.

Once you have the roller blind in place

When the blind is in place, hanging correctly, even on the horizontal axis, use the cord to lower and raise the blind. This will tell you if its running smoothly, that its working correctly, and that the blind material is correctly fitted.

Tools you will need:

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