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How to make a Mosaic Mirror Splash back

Skill Level: Beginner


Most of us have a splash back attached to our bathroom hand basin: they are a necessary ‘fitting’ that can also make an attractive feature to any bathroom.

The most popular types of bathroom splash back are tiles matching the rest of the tiles in the bathroom, or contrasting mirror tiles: both look great, both look stylish…but if you fancy something just a little bit different, something to which you can add your own touch of artistic flair…then why not consider a Mosaic Mirror Splash Back – here - you can really let your imagination take over, create something unique.

Mosaic tiles come in a variety of colours

You can create a mosaic mirror splash back in a rainbow of colours: it’s really up to you. Patterned, abstract, scenic and picturesque, it doesn’t matter…anything is possible. A mirrored mosaic splash back will be a talking point, they aren’t something you’ll easily find in the shops.

Getting started

The first thing you will need is the base for your mirrored splash back. Sheet MDF sheet is as good as most materials for this job, and is reasonably priced. The size of the sheet you’ll need depends on the size of mirror you have, and the size of the mirror, mosaic surround you want – will depend on the design you have planned. The bigger the mosaic, the bigger the sheet you want.Lay the MDF sheet on a workbench or large, sturdy table – position the mirror where you want it -  and draw around the perimeter with a pencil. Remove mirror for now, we don’t need it any further just yet.

Next, get your eye protection and dust mask out, and carefully cut around the mirror outline, and remove the cut-out piece. This cut-out will house the mirror when the mosaic work is finished. When completed you will need to attach/fix a backing sheet: to help keep the mirror secure, and to attach wall fixings.

An alternative method of making a mosaic mirror splash back is to simply ‘fix’ the mirror on the backing board and mosaic tile all around it! To do this: firmly stick the mirror first, with heavy duty double sided adhesive pads, or a suitable adhesive.

Fitting Mosaic Tiles

Most good quality hardware and builders suppliers will stock a range of mosaic tesserae: different colours, different sizes: everything you’ll need to create a masterpiece. For cutting the mosaic tiles you’ll need a tile cutter/nipper, these are easy to use, and inexpensive. You’ll also need grouting tools: filling knife and a glasscutter if you plan cutting mirror tiles, as part of your design.

Using the tile nipper (cutter) cut the tesserae into small segments, as big or as small as you want - a size that will suit your design, or pattern.

Draw your design outline

So now you have a board or sheet, with a cut out in which to insert a mirror, or a solid board with a mirror attached –surrounded by a border of board upon which you will stick the tesserae, or mosaic tiles. But first you need an outline of your design…to follow with the tiles, to form the picture or pattern: a guide, a bit like the tapestry sets you can buy in the shops…just follow the pattern, and you can’t really go far wrong.

Plan the spaces and your use of alternating colours with patterns, picture and try to re-create shades of colour when composing scenes.

Fixing mosaic tiles

Use an ordinary tile adhesive, applied easily with a plastic spreader, for fixing your mosaic tiles. Apply the adhesive in small sections at a time, keeping the thickness of adhesive even, and not too thick.

Position the tiny tiles that will make up your mosaic gently onto the adhesive bed: position all the tiles that make up your picture, pattern, or scene, and allow to dry overnight.

The following day, when the tiles are fixed secure, and completely dry: its time to grout the whole thing, and finish off.

Grouting your Mosaic mirror splash back

Grouting your Mosaic mirror splash back is the final stage of the project, almost time to stand back and admire your handy work.

Apply the grout all over the mosaic. Work the grout well into the joints between tiles using a damp sponge. This may take a little while: cleaning off, going back over it till you have it just right: clean excess adhesive and grout from the mosaic surface as you go along. It’s just about now you’re beginning to see just what a fine thing you’ve created…simple, but effective!

Tools you will need:
Vitrex 10-2430 Tile Nipper & Cutter
Vitrex 10-2430 Tile Nipper & Cutter
- Vitrex 10-2285 Tile Re-Grouting Kit
Vitrex 10-2285 Tile Re-Grouting Kit
- Vitrex 10-1500 Pro Series Heavy Duty Tile Cutter
Vitrex 10-1500 Pro Series Heavy Duty Tile Cutter
- Black & Decker 450W Variable Speed Jigsaw
Black & Decker 450W Variable Speed Jigsaw
- Vitrex 10-2960 Plastic Tile Trowel
Vitrex 10-2960 Plastic Tile Trowel

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