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How to make your garden safe

Skill Level: Beginner


It’s a sad fact of life that an opportunist thief will steal just about anything. When you have your house secure the next thing to do is turn your attention to the out buildings and garden. You put a lot of hard work into your garden – it’s a continual process – and it can cost a lot of money to get it just as you like it. Garden plants, shrubs, fish, ornaments, furniture, are all items that an opportunist thief may target. Then there is the garage or shed. These too are an Aladdin’s cave of goodies for the sneak thief.

In this short article we will cover a few measures that may provide added security to your garden and possessions.


Don't make the thief's job easy

If a burglar can gain access to your garden - and there is some form of cover or blind spots - without attracting the attention of neighbours and passers bye, then chances are he won’t be going away empty handed. Unless you’ve taken some basic security measures.
A shed or garage that is insecure will very often provide the thief with all the tools he needs for the job in hand. Ladders and garden tools can all be used effectively when a determined thief is trying to get into your home. Don’t leave them laying around the garden in plain view, day or night; lock them away after use every day. If you must store ladders outside, then make sure you have them securely chained to solid fixing points. In these situations, make sure you have the best security chain you can afford, and a good quality security lock. These will prove a substantial obstacle any opportunist thief.

Trees, Hedges and Shrubs

When planning your garden try and avoid having high vegetation that only serves in providing cover for the determined thief. Consider planting a thorny barrier hedge, for example hawthorn, holly or berberis in locations you feel may be vulnerable.  Thorny plants act as a psychological barrier as well as physical one. An appropriate hedge makes your property a less suitable target to the opportunistic thief.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture can cost an awful lot of money, it ranges in price from “reasonable” – to truly exquisite garden furniture – that looks absolutely stunning – but carries a price tag to match. The first thing to do, where possible, is store your furniture indoors during the winter months, and if you are away for any length of time. When it’s not possible to store your furniture indoors, make it difficult to steal by threading and winding solid chain around and through it, all securely fastened with a case hardened lock. If you anchor it to an outside wall, even better.
Garden furniture can give that extra bit of reach when leant against an outside wall. Not only that…a nice set can be quite easily (and quietly) loaded into a van – whisked away only to turn up at a car boot sale somewhere the following Sunday.
Where possible, ensure that your garden furniture, tools, and any other stored valuables are post-coded to help aid identification, in the event of theft.

Chains and locks

A case hardened security chain and security combination lock chaining your tools together will be a daunting task to the thief looking to earn a fast buck… in this manner you’re making it just about impossible to carry them off. 

Security lighting

Having strategically located (outside) security lights is perhaps one of the most effective deterrents you can buy. These lights will automatically switch on when a sensor detects movement within its beam of focus, putting any intruder well and truly under the spotlight! Site your security lights in locations where a thief would try and gain entry; above doors, French-windows, at the back of the house or garage, in fact anywhere that is partially obscured and out of immediate view. A good supplier will be able to offer a selection of attractively designed light fittings for security purposes

Tools you will need:
Abus 1000/100 Granit 25mm x 1000mm Steel-O-Flex Cable Plus Lock
Abus 1000/100 Granit 25mm x 1000mm Steel-O-Flex Cable Plus Lock
- H.Squire G4 High Security Chain -  9.5mm x 1200mm
H.Squire G4 High Security Chain - 9.5mm x 1200mm

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