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How to rejuvenate your old Fridge

How to rejuvenate your old Fridge picture of a kitchen How to rejuvenate your old Fridge

How to rejuvenate your old Fridge Introduction

Refrigerators are an essential appliance in today’s modern kitchens; to the extent it’s hard to imagine how we’d manage without one. Refrigerators can come in for an awful lot of bumps and knocks during there lifetime…in fact: they can become grubby and loose there ‘sparkle’ quite quickly - inside can look pristine and bright for ages, and ages. Small (and not so small) scratches and dents are a fact of life in the kitchen.

The choices are: buy a new refrigerator when you absolutely can’t stand the old one any longer, or, learn how to rejuvenate your old fridge…its surprisingly easy, and costs nowhere near the cost of a new one! And it’s fun – and its very practical – you can coordinate it suit any changes to décor, colour, or units and worktops.

How is it done?

Simple…a can or two of spray paint, a couple of dust sheets - roll of masking tape – scissors - some cardboard…and a little imagination.

Refrigerator doors are flat, and have a high sheen finish, no place here for brush marks! One of the ‘problems’ with spray paint is the overspray:  so preparation is paramount and will guard against mishaps.

Surface Preparation

Refrigerator doors are flat and shiny and so must be rubbed down to provide a ‘key’ for the new coat of paint. Metallic spray paints will now adhere properly to the old paint, and will very quickly peel and flake off!

Both rubbing down and spray painting will generate airborne particles, these minute particles will travel in the air, and land on any surface. For this reason,  it’s essential you cover as much of the surrounding area with dust sheets before you start painting.

If you can, and it’s not too windy outside (inside a ventilated garage or shed is even better) take the refrigerator outside. Stand it on a large piece of cardboard.

Masking off

Next, you need to mask off all those areas you don’t want painting: around rubber door seals and on the inside of the door: the bits you can see when you open the door.

Open the refrigerator door and cut a piece of cardboard so that it will fit and seal the shelves and contents space. Seal all round with masking tape.

Rubbing Down

To rub down those areas for painting you will need damped wet and dry abrasive paper, or some other type of metal abrading disc or pad.

Rub down lightly, but firmly, you want to remove the shine from the area, nothing more, to provide an even, adequate surface for the new paint to grip.

Once you have done that, wash down the surface: to get rid of all abrading materials, grime and dust. Any grit or dirt left on the surface during painting will show up like a sore thumb, so don’t rush this job: in fact don’t rush at all. It can save a lot of wastage!

Spray painting

Before starting to paint the first thing you should do is read the instructions carefully…we all  know that we must thoroughly shake the paint can before use, but we need to read the instructions for other reasons: for instance, we will  be applying several coats: two, or more - depending on the surface condition, and finish standard required.

Pay particular attention to coat drying times, and follow them precisely.

Spray Painting and Stencils

Keeping to one plain colour for your refrigerator, when coordinated with the overall colour scheme of the rest of the room, will enhance and rejuvenate your kitchen: do a good job, and it can look like new!

Many people like to experiment with designs, alternative finishes – but – just plain, simple stencils can give that extra wow factor…make things just that bit more unique, individual.

If you are feeling adventurous and artistic…give it a try, you won’t need much in the way of materials and tools: and if things don’t work out, quite as you planned: then its not such a big deal…get it right, and you’ll have a NEW refrigerator for pennies!

We hope you enjoyed our blog on how to rejuvenate your old Fridge

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