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How to restore tired looking decking

Skill Level: Beginner


Your home decking is an open air extension of your living space. Whether built against an outside wall providing a patio area, or a free-standing construction located in another area of the garden; perhaps providing a place for entertaining friends and family on warm summer evenings - a barbeque – a play area for the kids, or grandkids. Your deck may surround a water feature or a nearby tree; complete with a bench surrounding it: a place to read the Sunday morning newspapers, or just watch the birds.

In order to preserve and enjoy your decking for years to come, it is important to maintain it from time to time; not major work and repairs that take lots of time and money: rather an hour or two, now and again, and you don’t need much in the way of tools and materials either.
So, if you find your decking has assumed a rather tired, grey, weathered look, it can be quickly rejuvenated using a decent paint brush and a can of decking restorer: this will quickly restore your decking back to its original colour and beauty.



The first thing to do is brush the whole of decking area with a stiff broom or brush to remove all loose debris including moss, mould and algae. It is more effective, quicker, and easier if you can use a pressure washer for this job.
This is a good time to check over the decking for any damage, loose fixings, and loose fittings. Where you find little problems - fix them now - before applying the restorer, and any other coatings you may be applying.
Using the stiff broom, or brush, apply the restorer to the decking, making sure you get adequate coverage: don’t rush this, get into every nook and cranny with the brush, leave no exposed timber: that’s a weak point for water ingress. Work it well into the surface of the timber using a stiff paint brush, and leave to stand for the prescribed time, as indicated by the manufacturer
The final stage is to rinse down the decking thoroughly with clean water, ensuring all restorer residues are washed away.  It is generally recommended you allow two days for decking to dry thoroughly before applying a protective top coat.
When you have fully restored and rejuvenated your timber decking it is important to protect it at least once a year to keep it looking its best.

Decking protector

A good quality decking protector soaks deeply into the wood, water-proofing, protecting and enriching it. Decking protector does not change the colour of the timber as it is translucent in colour.


Decking stains and oils

Decking stains add colour, as well as protecting and weatherproofing timber decks.
Decking oils are deeper penetrating; they waterproof as well as replace natural oils in the wood, they enhance the natural beauty of the wood. All these coatings may be applied by a variety of methods. Either a brush, spray, and some applied with a special applicator pads

Tools you will need:
Liberon 2.5 Litre Anti-slip Coating
Liberon 2.5 Litre Anti-slip Coating
- Liberon 2 Litre Aqua-Stop Decking Aftercare
Liberon 2 Litre Aqua-Stop Decking Aftercare
- Cuprinol Decking Cleaner 2.5 Litre
Cuprinol Decking Cleaner 2.5 Litre
- Faithfull 100mm Utility Paint Brush
Faithfull 100mm Utility Paint Brush
- Wagner Fast & Smart Sprayer 0418011
Wagner Fast & Smart Sprayer 0418011

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