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Installing a Front door peephole

Skill Level: Intermediate


A security peephole is a feature of the majority of residential front doors. High on the list of home security features. They are inexpensive to buy and relatively quick to install. The list of tools needed and the skill level required are both very low, in other words quite easy.


What height should it be

The first step is to think about the people who will be using the peephole not forgetting children. A popular height to sight the peephole would be about 5 feet. Measure the width of the door and make a pencil mark halfway at your desired height.


This is the part where we need to put on our safety glasses or goggles

This is the part where we need to put on our safety glasses or goggles. We shall drill the hole which will hold the peephole device in two stages. First we will drill a pilot hole through the full door thickness using the 1/8 drill bit. Ensure that, to the best of your ability, you drill this pilot hole horizontally and not angled. The next stage is enlarging this hole to accommodate the peephole device. Attach the spade drill bit to the power drill and drill to only half depth through the door using the pilot hole to start. Repeat this drilling process on the reverse side of the door. The reason for this is by drilling halfway through one side then the other, splintering will be avoided. 



The final and most satisfying stage is to fit the peephole

The final and most satisfying stage is to fit the peephole. Ascertain which is the front of it as it’s really frustrating to realise you have fitted the peephole back to front. Place the front part of the peephole (the side that visitors will see) and place it in the hole on the front of the door. Hold it in place with one hand while at the same time putting the rear of the peephole through the other side of the door with your other hand. Screw them together hand tight. 


Tools you will need:
Rolson 6 Piece Flat Wood Bit Set
Rolson 6 Piece Flat Wood Bit Set

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