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Sash Window Security

Skill Level: Intermediate


With an estimated 60% of burglaries taking place via unlocked windows and unlocked doors it is essential that these are to be locked before going to bed or venturing out. However the right locks along with a burglar alarm will provide you with peace of mind. These simple improvements are easy to do yourself as no special skills are required and all the materials are easy to come by, however it is important that you make sure the quality of the product is of the highest standard. We are not suggesting you make your home a fortress with state of the art laser technology, just merely safe enough for you to have peace of mind. Little things like the quality of the latch or hinge that make a big difference to the security of your home.


Firstly, we will start with the securing of the home against intruders entering via sash windows

The windows of your home are often the burglar’s choice of entry because they often seen as a weak point of the home defences, this can be guarded against the through the attachment of secure locks and fittings that will ensure your home does not become a victim of burglary.
Often burglars get in through windows that are left open. One easy way to counteract this is to convert sliding sash windows to only open so far as to let in a draft without the gap being big enough to allow intruders in, known as a sash stop. This may sound like a complex task, one that will be too difficult to tackle oneself, however it is remarkably easy. Firstly you will need a window rack bolt so you can push the bolt back in using the key provided, when you require opening the window fully.

drill a hole into the upper sash frame

drill a hole into the upper sash frame, on both sides, about 4 inches or 100mm above the meeting rail. Then simply cut a recess and screw the fitting into place. When you want to open it fully simply use the key to push it back.    
Sash windows are also often the victim of break-ins because of their design with just one bar attaching the sliding window to the stationary window. This could be easily opened using a strong knife getting in between the two windows and prising the bar off the latch. Measures can be taken to stop this eventuality. By attaching a press locking bolt you can do just this.

Fit the keeper to the outer sash frame and the lock to the inner meeting rail

Fit the keeper to the outer sash frame and the lock to the inner meeting rail. Fit only one close to the centre of the frame for a smaller window and two for a larger window to provide maximum security. Having done this, extend the bolt so you can position the lock body accurately, turning the key to release the bolt. An alternative to the press locking bolt is the more discreet window rack bolt. This is a thin discreet bolt that runs through both meeting rails stopping the two from separating, fit one or two depending on the width of the window. Start by drilling holes for each of the bolts in the inner rail through to the outer rail. Mark the drill with tape to establish the depth of the hole. Then open the window and tap the metal liner, supplied with the bolt, until flush. Close the window once again and, using the special key provided, insert the threaded bolt. Unscrew and withdraw the bolt to open the window. Keep the keys in such a place as to avoid potential intruders being able to reach them. 

Tools you will need:

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