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Victorian door furniture

Do you know your Georgian from your Edwardian, your Arts and Crafts from your Victorian? Period door furniture has never gone out of fashion so here is a brief guide to getting it right for Victorian style fittings.

Period Door Furniture for your Victorian home

The Victorian period began in 1826 when the young Victoria succeeded her uncle William IV and ushered in what would eventually turn out to be a period of enormous change. She died in 1901 and any period which covers so many years will never have one overall style. Regency style didn’t die out the day Victoria became Queen – and the style at the end of her reign was already closer to what we would call ‘Edwardian’ and the period has also seen the birth of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite art movement. So deciding on a Victorian style is never easy.

Speaking generally however the period was one of colour and rich ornamentation. Less was never more in the Victorian era of material success and excess and that is reflected from the outside of the house as much as the inside. The first thing perhaps to remember about the period was the amount of door furniture – door pushes and pulls, knockers, numbers and handles as well as the new fangled letter box plate.

Industrial innovation meant that metal work was very popular and became increasingly affordable so look out for brass, cast iron and pewter items. Look out for good quality metal finishes as poor quality items can tarnish easily. Look after your furniture to ensure it looks great and lasts longer.

Get the Victorian look in your home

Look out for as much ornamentation as you can reasonably get away with – the Lionshead style door knocker of ‘A Christmas Carol’ fame is a real Victorian favourite. It’s still possible to source original Victorian door furniture from specialist retailers, architectural yards and even antique shops but their scarcity is reflected in the price. Good quality, great looking Victorian styled items are readily available and probably work better in our less ostentatious times.

You don’t need to be a Dickens fan to admire the Victorian style and you can incorporate it in any home. Subtle touches can be used throughout the house to give a hint of that Victorian era. Try using door handles and finger plates in the hallway or in a living room added to a few decorative touches or period furniture. Victorian furniture is very cheap to but today and can easily be restored to its original design with replacement handles and pulls and such pieces are ideal for upcycling and mixing with contemporary interior design look and feel.

We’d love to see your Victorian style front or interior doors. Why not send us a pic or upload one to Ironmongery Online Facebook page?