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Why kerb appeal matters

Apparently it takes just eight seconds to decide whether or not you will buy a house, according to the latest research. And at least four of them will be spent waiting at the front door.  "People look at a front door before they look at anything else," says designer Cecilia Neal, of Meltons. "Your front door reflects what you think about the house. A door can sell a property."

Colour, style and the right door furniture will all add to that all important kerb appeal. OK the property market is booming at the moment but it is always important to make the right first impression – it will help you get buyers through the front door and can help you achieve the best possible price.

Kerb appeal and door furniture

Select a door that matches their style of your house but you don’t have to slavishly follow the period look of the front door. A contemporary Scandinavian style look can add a great look to many doors. When it comes to the colour, washed-out greys, greens and blues are all the rage. Look up-and-down the street to see what works and what doesn’t and make sure you there are no restrictions when it comes to repainting the front door – there may be restrictions if the house is Listed or in a Conservation Area

Max that kerb appeal

All door furniture such as door knobs, knockers and letterboxes, plates etc should be in keeping with one another and proper for the size and style of the door. Simple brass ring knockers and "Doctor's" door knockers, popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, are two simple styles that suit both panelled and plank doors. Octagonal or round door knobs and handles and plain letterboxes work well with this simple look. Ridged door furniture was used in late Georgian and early Victorian times while Edwardian door furniture is plainer, with simple reeding, while earlier Victorian door furniture is slightly heavier. Traditional-style door furniture coated in brushed and polished chrome and nickel creates a more contemporary look and works well with flatter.

Creating the perfect look won’t break the bank. There are lots of high quality items that will look great, last a long time and continue to function despite regular use and the vagaries of the British weather.

Want to know more? Check out our blog on Door Hardware: http://www.ironmongeryonline.com/blog/door-hardware-guide/all-you-ever-needed-to-know-about-door-hardware.

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