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Garden Care - When to Plant Spring Bulbs

Garden Care Garden Care

Preparing your garden is essential if you want it to look amazing come the spring and summer. You may feel daunted by the task of garden preparation after not really touching your garden throughout winter, but the rewards will be more than worth it. We all want nothing more than a picture perfect garden that we can relax in and enjoy for a few short months. In order to achieve those spring and summer blooms, you need to ensure that you plant your spring bulbs and seeds at exactly the right time and in the best conditions. Garden care will be crucial to their success.

The ideal time to begin planting your seeds and bulbs is between October and February. This is of course dependent on the weather, if there has been a particularly harsh winter then you may want to wait a little longer as frost can kill your bulbs.

Locations for Spring Bulbs

Where you position your spring bulbs can have a dramatic effect on their potential growth. You will need to consider the soil in your beds or planters as this can make all the difference to the results you see in spring. Some bulbs will require a high alkaline based soil while others are fairly happy in any soil that is moisture rich. For example, a Rhododendron will thrive more in an alkaline based soil.

A well as soil, you will also need to consider the available sun light. Many of your bulbs will need to be in a position where they experience a good balance between sunlight and shade. Too much shade can cause your bulbs to become damp or damaged by frost causing them to rot.

Most of all, make sure your bulbs receive just the right amount of moisture. You will need to be careful not too over water your bulbs as this is as bad as not watering them. Try not to position them in a plot that is likely to become very wet and boggy when it rains.

Ideal Gardening Tools

Whether you're planting your spring bulbs and seeds or carrying out some simple garden maintenance, you will need to make sure you have all the tools to make your gardening easier. From spades and trowels to gardening forks in a variety of sizes, these are all must have tools for planting and preparing your soil.

Gardening can be back breaking if you don't ensure you have a wide range of tools. For those times when you're on your knees and planting bulbs or seeds, hand sized gardening tools are ideal. These handy tools allow you to mimic what the larger tools do but on a smaller scale. However, to carry out compost mixing, you would ideally use full sized gardening forks and rakes rather than hand tools.

Now is the time to really consider your garden and how to make it a beautiful space for the spring and summer. It's time to invest in some new gardening tools and equipment and blow the cobwebs off your wellies!

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