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Have a go or hire a pro?

It’s one of modern life’s dilemmas – when it comes to tackling jobs around the home do you have a go yourself or hire a professional. We sell our range of hinges, door furniture & hardware and more to both the DIY market and the trade so we see both sides of the argument, so perhaps we can offer a few tips.

Firstly, lack of confidence in your own ability should not be a reason for not having a go. After all, if we applied that principle all the time we wouldn’t get much done by ourselves. For many projects, having a go and getting it wrong is not the end of the world; most jobs can be ‘put right’ if you made a bit of a botch, but the more you try the better you will get.

But few can expect to have all the skills straight away; do your research. The success of many DIY jobs is in the preparation. Use the internet, family and friends to pick up advice and tips. Don’t cut corners and use the best equipment and tools you can afford.

Secondly, give yourself plenty of time to complete your project: rushing will only lead to frustration and disappointment.

Ask around before you start to see if anyone will help. Tackling a job is easier with help and we can almost guarantee someone you know is in the same position as you – waiting for someone to offer help and some elbow grease.

But you also need to be realistic and accept that some jobs may not be worth tackling even if you feel you have the skills. For example much electrical work around the house will need the appropriate certification and without it you may not be able to sell the property. Major alternations may also require Building Regs sign off and it may be more effective to leave them to the professionals. Larger projects that take time can put a strain on the family – is it worth all the stress? Some see health and safety as a subject for comedy, but never try to tackle jobs where you can put your own or your families safety at risk.

Many people tackle projects themselves simply because they do not know any competent tradespeople.  Again, ask around for recommendations. Always try to get comparative quotes but don’t assume any job will be ‘too expensive’; check for references and examples of work. However, in our experience most tradespeople are not cowboys but hardworking, skilled professionals.

Those are our thoughts but now it’s over to you: do you have a go or hire a pro?

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