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Evict the Mole!

For keen gardeners and individuals who like to keep their outdoor space neat and tidy, it is important to learn all about the different types of pests that pose a possible threat to the creation of unsightly lawns and the disruption to plants. One of the biggest plant killers continues to be the 'slug'. Over the years effective remedies to such problems have been created and developed, allowing people to grow healthy plants and flowers. How about lawns though? Every year many garden enthusiasts are plagued by the 'mole'. This blog is dedicated to the investigation of such an animal and what you can do to combat their disruptive nature.

The UK is home to a single species called the Talpa Europea, or the European Mole. Enjoying a healthy diet of grubs, insects and many earthworms on a daily basis, it makes sense for these creatures to tunnel deep underground amidst the moist, rich soil where food is readily available and they can evade predators. However, in areas close to water or prone to overflow, mounds of soil recognised as the typical 'mole hill' become prevalent and bothersome to many. By coming to the surface, these mammals are escaping underground flooding in a bid to remain alive. Good news for them, bad news for our gardens and lawns.  Mole Traps offer the most effective solution when it comes to getting rid of such pests and retaining order outside.

To ensure an adequate outcome, initial research should be carried out. Base identification upon the trail an animal leaves behind, not just suspicion. Mole hills are key in this instance and once distinguished, plans can be put into place to prevent outdoor and lawn destruction. Setting a trap designed for an incorrectly identified animal could cause more harm than good. Take time to effectively research your gardens inhabitants before researching and taking appropriate measures.

Professional mole catchers are available. They will assess your garden and see the job through. This however comes at a cost and could possibly include a lengthy waiting time. Choosing to personally buy traps is not only cheaper, it offers a quick and easy solution that can be administered in-line with individuals free time. An air of satisfaction is also present when solely completing the task.

There are two principal traps including the 'Scissor' and 'Tunnel' type. The latter can prove slightly more challenging to set up yet just as effective for deep burrowing males. Using either option requires complete scrutiny of instructions to ensure personal safety at all times. Once in place, all you need do is sit back and wait. Set the device up correctly and you will be able to enjoy a mole-free lawn via humane methods.

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