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Keep those insects at bay this summer

We are incredibly lucky in the UK in that we don't have any seriously dangerous insects in comparison to other countries. Although, the summer is coming and it is this time of year that the UK public become infested and irritated by a range of different insects, from wasps and bees to ants, fly's and even moths. These are those few weeks once a year that we have the ability to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but these pesky little insects can make life a real misery, especially if you're allergic to stings and bites as you have to take extra care. With insect phobia being one of the most common phobias, it is no wonder we panic. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your home from being inundated with visits from these irritating creatures.

Top products for keeping insects under control

Insects are attracted to us almost everywhere we go, often because of food, drink, perfume or even lighting, but there are products on the market to prevent them making your life a misery.

  • Ants - Almost everyone has had an ants nest in their garden at least once in their lives. However, these clever and strong insects will travel miles for food, including into your home. Ant powder is a great solution and should be used directly on the nest as well as the surrounding area to ensure that the ants do not return. Should you have a nest in your home then ant traps are easier to use rather than powder. Simply place the traps in areas where you have seen the ants, until they have completely disappeared.
  • Moths - Moths tend to only become an irritation during the evening and dusk. As these insects are attracted to light, they will fly into your home through open doors and windows during the warmer months. They dart around and are difficult to remove, but there are products now available to help. Try a moth aerosol or even a trap to catch the insect.
  • Wasps - Wasps seem to be everywhere in the summer and you don't seem to be able to escape them. They will also enter your home and can leave quite a sting if they become defensive. Aerosols are perhaps the best way to remove this insect and they are simple and fast to use. For those times when you're outside, try a trap to attract the wasps like a honeypot wasp trap.
  • Fly's - Fly's are unfortunately not just limited to the summer. However, they do get worse in the summer and seem to double in numbers. For your home, flypaper around external door frames and also aerosols are the best form of protection. There are also flytrap bags on the market, which can be used indoors and outdoors along with fly and bug zappers, which shock the insect.

Larger infestations

Occasionally, insects will decide to make your home their home, as unpleasant as that may seem it is a fact. Small traps, powders and aerosols are unlikely to work in these types of scenarios. Wasps are perhaps the worst for setting up home in lofts and garage roofs. In these situations, you will ideally need either a professional fumigator or a product that will work on mass rather than the select few. There are now smoke bombs or smoke generators, which are specifically designed to remove a large amount of insects in one go. However, extreme care needs to be taken when doing this as being stung is a high risk and can sometimes be fatal, with four deaths per year recorded on average.