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Mole Control

How to Control Moles On Your Land

Moles are burrowing animals that have proven themselves a terrible nuisance to gardeners and homeowners. They live underground, making rigid and unsightly tunnels through your lawn and garden. Their cylindrical body shape and incredibly powerful front paws makes them capable of literally swimming through dirt at a rate of knots. They are almost fully blind but do have a heightened sense of smell and are very sensitive to changes in vibration.

The average lifespan of a mole is approximately four years. They are solitary creatures sustained on a diet of earthworms and other small invertebrates living underground. Their saliva contains a special toxin that can paralyze earthworms, and in many cases they store their living (but paralyzed) prey to eat later. They can eat from 60-200 earthworms in one day alone. They are highly territorial and aggressive towards other moles, and tend to live alone outside of the breeding season. One mole is usually responsible for creating a huge underground network of tunnels, making them incredibly difficult to catch. Once a mole detects a potential threat they retreat into their maze of tunnels, blocking the tunnel behind them as they retreat. Moles have a tendency to come back to the same property time and time again – if the soil and food is suitable they may disappear for a long time but inevitably find their way back.

Although moles do not present any physical danger to humans or pets, they can wreak havoc on gardens and lawns. A very persistent pest, catching a mole can prove to be a long and frustrating endeavor. Mole deterrents include devices with ultrasonic repellents, or natural plant repellents. Unfortunately if deterrents are not effective enough, trap and kill is the only way to eliminate a mole problem.

Bait and traps are available to household users, and disposal of dead moles must be carried out properly. Live catch traps are also available, and moles must be taken several miles away from the catch site and released, or disposed of humanely. Mole poison is available but must be used carefully and correctly as they also present a danger to humans and pets that may come into contact with the chemical.

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