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Save money on your DIY projects

Spring is in the air (or so we’re told) and for many that means thoughts turn to DIY projects that were put off as winter approached or that the effects of winter have actually caused. As one of the leading hardware and ironmongery suppliers in the UK we are already popular with DIY-ers but we also wanted to offer some great tips on keeping costs as low as possible.

Firstly, and it may seem obvious: be very clear about what you are doing BEFORE you begin. That will ensure you will be clear on whether you can complete the job – in terms of skills as well as time, equipment and resources. The biggest waste of time and money occurs when you are someway through a job and realise you don’t have the necessary skills or equipment to complete it.

There is a lot of advice online, so don’t assume jobs are beyond you – but take time to plan and prepare before commencing work you have never undertaken before.

This planning will also help with our second tip: only buy what you need. It’s always tempting to buy too much especially with modern day Returns Policies. But not everyone returns all unused materials, and not all materials can necessarily be returned. It’s just as easy to buy too little as too much and then buy any extra that may be need, but the best advice is always to work out what you need beforehand.

And that leads us to tip #3: look out for best prices. Of course we have a massive range of hinges, door hardware, tools, equipment and materials for the DIY-er. Of course we have great prices and regular reductions. But even we realise that there are lots of bargains to be had and the internet is a useful tool to research prices for equipment and materials. So do some research BEFORE you start the project to try to keep prices down.

One word of caution: make sure you are buying quality items as value prices, not cheap items at cheap prices. Cutting corners on materials can be a waste of money in the long run and buying cheap tools and equipment can have much more serious consequences.

And our final tip is to speak to family, friends and neighbours first. They may have equipment and material you can borrow or have; they may have tips and advice of their own – they may even offer to help out.

We’d love to hear from you if you are planning any DIY this spring – and if you have any tips to keep costs down.

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