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Fitting A Door Frame and Door With Hinges – A How To Guide

Fitting hinges to the door

As you are replace the current door place the correctly -sized door into the frame. Mark off the existing hinge positions on the side of the door from the frame. If you are putting the door in a new frame, make a mark six inches from the top and the bottom of the door – these marks represent the top of the hinge at the top of the door and the bottom of the hinge at the bottom of the door.

Open a hinge and place it with the pivot of the hinge on the opening face of the door on the edge of the door in line with one of the marks made. Draw around it with a pencil and repeat the process where the other hinges are to be placed. Make a shallow recesses so that the hinges sit flush with the door edge. Take small pieces out using a chisel and mallet and check regularly until you have chiselled out the correct depth for the door. Now that each hinge flap is sitting in its recess, mark the screw positions with a pencil and drill pilot holes. Screw the hinges on to the door.

Fitting hinges to the frame

If replacing a door in the old frame, then make sure your hinges should match up with the recesses in the frame and screw them in place. If fitting to a new frame, place the door up against the frame using one or more wedges to lift the door off the floor. Mark the corresponding hinge marks on the door frame. Set the door aside and carefully cut recesses into the door frame in the same way as the door itself. Once complete hold the door against the frame to double check the placement. Mark pilot holes on the frame with a pencil and drill through as you did for the door. Using one screw in each hinge, and with the door in the open position, screw the top hinge into the frame, and then the bottom hinge and check that the door opens and closes easily.

For more on hinges check out our Hinges Fact File here