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How To Fix A Door

Doors can suffer from several problems, many simply caused by age. But before you rush out and replace them with new doors they can often be repaired. Here is our help on how to fix a door with three of the most common door problems considered.

Easing a door

The most usual cause is regular redecorating, creating a build up of thick paint at the door edges. The answer is therefore to remove the excess paint. You’ll need a sharp bench plane or Sureform plane to avoid damaging the paint on the door frame. Shave off the excess paint, test and shave again if required. If the door sticks at the bottom you’ll need to remove a little from the bottom of the door. First use a wood offcut and pencil to mark a cutting line on the face of the door that will clear the surface of the floor covering. Unscrew the door from the hinges and lay it across trestles to support. Use a handsaw or power saw to cut along the marked line.

How to fix a rattling door

The most common cause of a door rattling in its frame is that the striking plate into which it the door latch engages is too far away from the door stop bead. Repositioning the striking plate will hold the door closer. Chisel out the recess and refit the plate. Drill out the old screw holes and fit dowels if the new screw positions are too close to the old screw holes. Trim them off flush with the frame and drill new pilot holes.

Easing a hard to close door

After years of use hinges can wear out or the pins become slack. This allows the door to drop so it becomes hard to close. In this case either swap the hinges from top to bottom – this reverses the wear on the pins. If this doesn’t work then buy and fit new hinges. Doors may also bind if hinges are set too deep in their recesses. Unscrew the hinges and insert thin pieces of cardboard or wood to pack out the recess. Refit the hinges.

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(Image credit: WikiHow)