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The advantages of sherardised hinges

Many buyers are familiar – at least in principle – with the finishes that we use on our extensive range of hinges. Galvanising and zinc plating are fairly well known finishes that will protect the hinges from corrosion and ensure they last longer. Perhaps a lesser known finish is sherardising, and we’ll take a look a closer look at the process in this blog.

Sherardising has been developed into a reliable and accurate coating which, when correctly specified and applied, gives a tough resilient defence against corrosion of the base material. Briefly, sherardising is a diffusion process carried out by heating suitable pre-cleaned ferrous components in zinc powder. The process forms a zinc iron alloy with the surface of the components being treated. The resultant coating has a matt grey appearance, uniform in its thickness and has an iron content of 8-10%.

The process has a long history, and is named after its discoverer Sherard Cowper-Coles who developed the process around 1900.

Sherardising is ideal for small parts and parts that require coating of inner surfaces, such as batches of small items. Although the original system was quite complicated and expensive, sherardising has developed into both an effective and cost-effective coating process. It is also a relatively environmentally friendly finish as it uses few preparatory chemicals.

Sherardising has been proven to be the most uniform of the range of zinc coatings, the thickness of coating will be uniform to close tolerance over all accessible areas of the individual treated component. Paints can be applied to sherardised surfaces without the need for etch primers, normal painting practices may be followed. Powder coatings can be applied, it has been found that to pre-heat prior to powder coating gives excellent results and prevents micro holes due to air entrapment.

As with all processes, not all finishes are the same as buyers needs to ensure that any finishing process has been done correctly. Poor quality finishes will mean a poor quality item – unable to do the job you want it to do. Although the price may be lower, the cost will be higher as poorly finished hinges will need replacing sooner than a properly finished one.

You can check out our full range of sherardised Butt hinges on our online store.


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