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Don’t recycle – repurpose

The latest buzzword in the world of interior design and home decoration is ‘repurpose’. We know the advantages of recycling and upcycling but repurposing adds another dimension to home design and décor. Repurposing simply aims to take an item and re-use for a different purpose: nothing needs to be wasted and you can start to create some great looking and eye-catching interior design items. Some imagination and perhaps some DIY items like door hinges will soon turn old tat into home décor gold.

The internet is full of really useful repurposing ideas: a random selection includes:

  • Using marbles to fill in the holes in fences
  • Use old loo rolls to store cables
  • Use a CD store as a bagel holder
  • Turn old lego into key holders
  • Turn old wine bottles into light fixtures

In fact, you might never throw anything out again.

Larger furniture-based projects will involve some DIY skills as well as hinges and other ironmongery items to create the perfect look. Re-using old furniture items in a news way not only saves money but will also help you create a really distinct look – and, if you show exceptional skill perhaps even offer a chance to add a revenue stream to boost your income.

A popular idea turns cases into wall cabinets, and others turn old doors into coffee tables or side tables. Door frames can also be turned into mirrors or message boards. The driver for much of these repurposing ideas was economic: with money tight, many could not afford to buy as they had previously done so but still wanted to make improvement to their home and garden. Another important factor was environmental: the ability to reuse, recycle and repurpose was a great way to support sustainability and move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Whatever the reasons, repurposing has really taken off and has become a desirable idea in itself, often producing stylish and attractive as well as unique furniture and household items that will last. The items can be mixed with may other styles and suit all type of homes – from modern loft style apartments to traditional country cottages. One of repurposing’s most visible achievements are often in the garden where it is increasingly common to see many household items re-used as decorative items, plant holders, light holders, tables etc

We’d love to hear – and see – any items that you have repurposed in your home.

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