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Gate Hinges


At Ironmongery Online we have a vast range of gate hinges and offer unbeatable value for money. We have spectacular savings on Gate Hinges and Gate Hardware, so whatever type of Gate Hinge you are looking for, whether for wooden or non-wooden gates, then we almost certainly have what you require.

Cranked Hook and Band Hinge Cranked Hook and Band Hinge

This article on gate hinges offers an insight into the different type’s available, when you should consider them, the pros and cons of some of the types of hinge and some useful tips for fitting whichever ones you ultimately choose.

Types of Gate Hinge

So the main types of gates people require hinges for are standard size garden gates for people to walk through or driveway gates which allow vehicle access. We also sell gate hinges used for agricultural purposes known as fieldgate hinges.

To go with your new gate hinges if you require other items of gate hardware such as gate locks, gate latches (or catches) gate bands, throw over loops, gate wheels, brackets, fasteners, weather bars, gate stops, gate eyes and eye bolts then we can help with those items also.

Gates are pretty much taken for granted until you have problem with one, most houses with some sort of garden or outdoor area to the property will either have or need one. So if you are looking to fit a new gate or update an existing one give some thought to the following.

Do you require self-closing gate hinges or just standard? Also what strength and what material do you want the hinges made from? Galvanised or Stainless gate hinges are popular as the UK weather can throw a lot at your gates and test it’s durability over the years even if the gate doesn't get much actual use.

T Hinges are popular and is your gate required to “swing both ways”? If so then heavy reversible hinges for wooden gates maybe what you require. We sell all sorts of shapes and sizes with 12 inch to 48 inch plates being very popular choices.

Security Considerations

With crime on the increase having a good solid well hung gate is very important. It goes without saying but if the gate isn’t hung well then the gate itself could be stolen. A possible helpful tip for you is when you hang the gate, fit the bottom one as you normally would but on the top one fit the pin upside down.

This will mean the gate cannot simply be lifted from the bolts and carried away. People think that by doing this the bottom hinge won’t be able to carry all the weight. Well the fact is even with both hook and bands fitted the right way up all the weight is being carried on the bottom one.

The top one is merely being used as a lever to pull the gate up at the top towards the post, it’s the bottom one that takes all the weight.

Gate Hardware

There are a variety of hinges available for use and lots of Gate Hardware is available through our main website. Common options to choose from include strap, tee or T Hinges, weld-on, and spring hinges, so that it should be fairly straightforward to find the best style to suit your needs. Hinges can be produced in a few different metals, with brass and stainless steel and galvanised being examples of this.
Anyone interested in maintaining an existing entryway or installing a new one has the choice of the following gate hardware.

Hinges for side gates, heavy duty gate hinges, adjustable gate hinges, field gate hinges, rising gate hinges, farm gate hinges.

Gate Handles

There are a few different handle styles that can be used. A pull handle is one of the most common and this comes in bar and ring styles. These can be used simply for opening and closing or can be combined with a thumb or turn latch to provide a way to secure the gate in place when it is closed. A lever turn handle is another option and these also include a latch for secure closing

Gate Catches and Latches

Gate Catch and Latch Gate Catch and Latch

Installing a slide bolt on the inside of a gate is a way of providing some additional security. These are typically made of metal and can be simple in style or more decorative. In the case of a double gate, a cane bolt can be used to hold one side securely shut. This is fitted in place and drops into a sleeve in the ground to hold the gate in place when closed.

A small opening can be a useful feature on taller gates that cannot be seen over. The traditional name for this is a speakeasy and fitting a metal grille across the opening is a way to provide it with some cover. These can be a simple flat bar style although more ornamental finishes are also available to provide an attractive touch.


A closer is a way of making sure a gate shuts properly every time even if this is not done manually. Spring closers can be used for smaller, lighter gates, while hydraulic units are more suitable for a heavy gate.

Gate Wheels

Wheels are typically attached to the unhinged end of larger gates to provide some support and also make it easier to open and close them.

Fitting the Gate

picture of an ironmongery online builder DIY or trusty tradesman?

Hanging a gate is a job that many home-owners will be capable of undertaking themselves. Driveway gate hinges, and even large and heavy gate hinges can be tackled if you have the right tools and expertise for the job. Often though with the bigger gates you might be better off with some help as occasionally you will feel like you need three hands rather than just two!

The gate hardware discussed in this blog post includes what you will need to complete the job, so choose a simple style for a plainer look or opt for more decorative pieces to provide an attractive finish.

Browse through the IronmongeryOnline website and by all means ring the sales team if you have any questions as they are very knowledgeable.

Whatever your requirements view our range here at ironmongeryonline we offer the practical or decorative options.