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10 Easy Steps to Attaching Hinges on a New Door

Selection of Hinges and FittingsYou have been to buy your new internal doors and now need to attach the hinges so that you can hang the door. However, it may seem more complicated than it actually is. You can ask the store you purchased the doors from to prepare the doors for hanging, but it really isn't that difficult and is a good DIY skill to learn.

We have put together 10 easy steps for you to follow. These steps will take you from the very beginning all the way through to hanging your new doors. It really couldn't be any simpler as long as you have the right tools required. You will need to ensure you have the following;

DIY Door Hanging Preparation

It is crucial that you first go through all the required preparation to hang your doors. If you try to do a rush job by not preparing correctly, you door is likely to drop from its hinges.

  1. Selecting hinges - There is an array of different hinge styles and sizes. The first step is to ensure that you purchase the right hinges for your doors. If you're unsure then ask for advice from a professional.
  2. Removal - Ensure you have removed all old doors and hinges from your home. If there is any repair work needed to the door frame then you should complete this before hanging your new doors.
  3. Measuring - Measure the door so that you can be sure of where the hinges need to be positioned. Once you have, mark where the hinges need to be placed.
  4. Preparation - You will need to prepare both your door frame and the door itself for the new hinges. If there are any size differences then you may need to use putty to fill gaps or a chisel and mallet if it needs to be bigger. Simply mark the area out and with the mallet and chisel, tap along the marked line with the bevelled edge facing into the area to be removed.
  5. Check fitting - Once you have completed the preparation of the hinge area, you will need to check that the hinge fits perfectly flush before you go any further.

Attaching the Hinge & Door

Once preparation is complete you can then follow the remaining five steps to ensure that your door hangs perfectly.

  1. Drilling - Pre-drill the screw holes on the hinge and again check that everything fits into place perfectly.
  2. Door sizing - A common mistake made is not to check the height of the door. You will need the door to sit perfectly on your flooring so that it is not sticking or causing damage. If the door is too low to open over your flooring then simply use the wood plane to remove the excess.
  3. Installation - Once you have completed the above steps, you can now install the hinges. You will then need to line the door hinges up with those on the door frame to ensure that they fit together.
  4. Fixing - Now both hinge plates have been installed and lined up, you can go ahead and connect the two plates and place the rod in from the top to the bottom ensuring it is all the way in and sitting flush at the top.
  5. Movement - As one final check, make sure the door is opening and closing as it should and is not catching at the top, bottom or side.

Once completed, you can simply choose your door furniture and the job is complete.

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