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How Often Do You Consider 'The Hinge'?

Door Hinges

At Ironmongery online we are proud to have built up the deserved reputation of largest hinge suppliers and have decided to approach this blog in a slightly different way to the usual style. The idea is to get you thinking. How many doors do you open in a day? How many shutters or windows will you come into contact with on a weekly basis and do you take these for granted? Of course you do. They open, they shut and when in full working order there is no need to give them or the hinges allowing them to move, a second thought. Something breaks however, or you are replacing a door, window or even restoring a piece of furniture, you can refer to this blog and indeed our website and customer service team for help.

Ok, so you know our status when it comes to the current market.  We are up amongst the very best providing not only a comprehensive selection of hinges but advice and DIY tips alike, believing that product knowledge is of the highest importance. Let's investigate a portion of the range available today and how to identify the right style to suit your needs.

Question time:

What are some of the attainable hinges called?

Butt, tee, strap, parliament, spring, cabinet, weld on, chest, window, reversible - are to name but a few. Whilst some are self-explanatory, others will require further investigation and you will find detailed explanations amidst each of the categories found on our site.

I am hanging doors and require the correct style. Which should I choose?

The Butt Hinge or 'standard door hinge' is commonplace for such a task. Low in cost, you can choose from a myriad of sizes and finishes to suit your application. Drilling down further, individuals are privy to light and strong duty, lift off, security and various others depending on what you need.

Can I offer external doors a rustic feel?

Of course - take a look at the selection of black antique hinges we have available. Quality is obvious as will be the genre upon completion.

Such simplistic seldom thought about items are a highly important factor within daily life. Some historical evidence suggests that older hinges were around some 5,500 years ago created from natural materials such as wood and stone. These would not of course be appropriate today and it remains questionable as to if ever they were. Susceptible to fast erosion due to weather conditions, replacements are likely to have been a regular occurrence. During earlier days it was only the wealthy who could afford the luxury of a metal finished door hinge along with a blacksmith to fit this. Today, you can purchase them in bulk at a reasonable cost whilst attaining the relevant advice. Speak to us about hinges today!

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