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Spring Hinges - Stop Your Doors From Slamming

Fed up with doors that slam or swing open?  Maybe you live with a stroppy teenager, or have door in a busy corridor? Then if so "Spring Hinges" are what you need.

But what type, size, strength of spring hinge do you need? When it comes to Spring Hinges you have so many options and choices to sift through, and this article is designed to help you come to a decision as to which type would best suit your needs.

So start with the problem and ask yourself what are you aiming to achieve? Depending on what you are looking to buy a spring hinge for, maybe for internal doors, fire doors, gates, kitchen cabinets, or heavy duty spring hinges there is a hinge that will meet your requirements.

Spring Hinges Spring Hinge

There are quite a number of springs used nowadays of varying quality and design and although fashions change over time spring hinges from ironmongeryonline are the most up-to-date on the market today.

We offer unbeatable quality at affordable prices with cutting edge design. That's not to say we don't have some of the classics among our range so if you are looking for something more traditional we have the most popular types in stock also.

Spring Hinges - What are they?

Just as the name suggests, these hinges have a spring mechanism. This allows the door to return to its original position in the frame and fit snugly after being opened. When choosing this kind of hinge, it is prudent to think of the following factors:

Safe Return

Hinges that allow a door to spring back come in various shapes, brands, colours and designs. In addition, each will be most suited for a particular application. Nonetheless, it is advisable to go for a hinge that allows the door to return back at the right speed. Give some thought as to how fast (or slowly) you want the door to close. Are children or small pets going to be in the vicinity, if so you won't want a big heavy door closing at great speed. Springing back at high speed or to slow a speed will cause problems and the door may bang into other objects such as furniture causing damage.

What's the Main Aim?

Choosing a good spring goes beyond the springing back action, it should also take into account the task at hand. Generally, the springs come in two forms: one direction and both direction. One direction hinges as the name suggests only operate in one direction. These are suitable in areas with limited spaces. Two direction hinges commonly found in swinging doors can open in both directions. They are quite effective in areas with high traffic in public buildings in busy passageways. This is where you will need the more heavy duty type of spring hinge. The weight of the door or gate will be one of the overriding factors as it stands to reason that a kitchen cabinet isn't going to need a hinge suitable for a farmers five bar gate.

Easy To Adjust

People go for spring hinges simply because the door will close after being opened without the need for human intervention. However, the speed at which the door closes will vary from one brand to another, so by all means phone us for help and advice if you need it. Our Sales Team can be reached on 0121 379 8020 and our opening hours for telephone enquiries are Monday to Friday 8.00 am - 5.00 pm.

Some spring hinges can be adjusted so you can exert more or less force on the door to suit your requirements and we have produced a short instructional video which you can view below.

See our YouTube video here.

User Friendly

The type of spring tension will influence the kind of experience a user will have. Furthermore, it will determine the safety of the door. A good device should allow easy opening and closing. Installing the hinge should be simple and straightforward. The hinge should also require minimal maintenance. Finally, it should enhance the aesthetic appeal of the door as well as the surrounding. All these factors go a long way in enhancing user-satisfaction.

The idea behind a hinge that springs back is to make opening and closing the door easy. You don’t have to worry about the door slamming against an object or person. Also, you will use less effort to open the door. Such advantages can only be realised if the right type of spring hinges are used. This basically takes into account the factors mentioned above.

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Please make sure you check out our full range of hinges and remember at Ironmongery Online we have incredible prices and FREE next day delivery.