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Going for a song

auction hammer image

We have often blogged about the advantages of upcycling and repurposing. We’ve told you all about its advantages to your wallet and your environment; we’ve pointed out that with some ideas and a few strategic purchases such as new hinges and paint it really is easy to turn an old unloved item into a truly attractive item for the home or garden. And don’t get us started on how good you’ll feel when the project is completed.

One aspect we haven’t spoken about is where the source the items for upcycling and in this blog we want to sing the praises of auctions. It would sometime appear as if daytime TV was nothing but auction houses – from ‘Bargain Hunt’ to ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’, from ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ to ‘Cash In the Attic’ and yet auction houses are another great tradition that is under threat.

Of course partly the threat is due to changing trends and behaviour. The Ikea impact has changed (again) how we think furniture should look and there has been a turn away from the dark furniture items that have been a staple of auction sales. And we are increasingly using the internet to source all our furniture that auction houses often get overlooked.

However, auctions feature a much wider variety of furniture and home fittings than many believe. They are a great place to source furniture from the (ontrend) 1970s as well as the 1870s and they often auction of great items for the garden as well as lots to give your home a really unique touch – mirrors, print and pictures, decorative items and lots more.

One reason people might not be attending auctions is price. Some may believe auctions are all fine furniture selling for £1000s if not £10,000s. Of course, there are auctions like that but the average auction will be selling items for £30-£50. You need to do some research – most auction houses will have an online catalogue that will give a Guide Price.

There will be an auction house near you – you’ll find them online and can sign up for updates so you can decide if its worth attending – and we think you’ll love the prices and the atmosphere as the old hands and dealers mix with the enthusiastic first timers and all under the guidance of an experienced auctioneer. They really are a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Why not give it a try – and let us know how you get on?

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