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What do our staff and film stars have in common?

Feefo Feedback

There are probably a few answers but most unprintable. The answer we were thinking of is that both the Ironmongery Online team and film stars read their reviews. And we are pleased to say that our reviews are reading pretty well, thank you. Our expanding customer base who are buying hinges, door hardware and lots more online are also giving us some excellent feedback on both the products (hinges, ironmongery, rods and fixings etc) and service.

We use the renowned website Feefo.com to manage our customer feedback and reviews. Following a purchase of anything from a pack of hinges to a complete security system, the customer is emailed by Feefo following purchase and shown a clear mechanism to leave feedback on both the products and service. According to Feefo, what makes their system so special is that only genuine customers are invited to leave feedback, thus guaranteeing the responses are honest.

We’ve been a member of Feefo for about a year now. We find it invaluable but we also feel it works well for customers too. Purchasers get a chance to provide feedback easily enough and visitors to the website have the reassurance that others have purchased in complete confidence. There are so many companies offering poor quality products and inferior service, Feefo helps people find reliable providers and good quality products. We value the opinion of all our customers – whether they are buying a one-off pack of hinges or are a regular trade customer spending £100s on hardware and ironmongery regularly.

Again, like Tom, Meryl, Naomi, Kate and all those other big-shot film actors, we think it would be poor form to quote our best reviews back – they can be accessed online easily enough at http://www.feefo.com/reviews/wwwironmongeryonlinecom/?id=189414 but when we do get a less than glowing review we do our best to put things right. Our No Quibble Returns policy means (with only a few exceptions) buyers can return any product they are not entirely happy with. Now if we could only get a refund every time we watched a bad movie! We do our best to deliver the exact product in the time agreed but no-one (except our MD) is perfect and we really welcome the chance to put anything within our control right.

We’d love feedback on the feedback – does Feefo give you confidence when buying and how often do you leave a review, good or bad?

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