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Make 2013 the summer of ….security

OK it doesn’t sound as good as the Summer of Love or the Summer of Disco but it could be as equally important. The summer is a time when opportunities for thieves and the dishonest seem to increase in direct proportion to a rise in the temperature. But a few precautions – such as a buying a few padlocks – will go along way to ensuring everything is safe and secure.

One of the biggest causes for concern is children’s possessions. As the long summer holiday approaches (matched by a summer temperatures we hope) kids want to spend time out of doors with friends – playing sport in the local parks, overnight camping under the stars and sleepovers – but they will also want to take their gadgets and electrical items with them: mobile phones, Nintendo DS, tablets, iPads and iPhones etc etc. All of these need to kept secure and padlocks are a great way to do this – they are cost-effective, lightweight as well as easy to carry around but they can be used on rucksacks, holdalls and bags to make sure the items are kept safe and secure.

And it’s not just about kids – all the above applies to holiday bags whether for a trip abroad or a day out to the country.

Another reason why security becomes even more of a concern in the summer Is that that we are often away from the house more often. Yes, there are the two weeks in the Bahamas but there are also weekends at friends, BBQ with work colleagues, days out with the kids. Great times but opportunities for the casual criminal. So perhaps before you plan your summer of social activities you should carry out a quick audit of your security.

Of course as the leading online hardware retailer we have a compete range of security items – from simple security chains, garage locks, safes, bolts and even complete electronic security solutions. Security doesn’t have to break the budget. Don’t forget to check vulnerable areas such as sheds, garage doors, storage areas as well as ensuring access doors to the house are completely secured. Simple security features like bolts and padlocks can make a big difference – quality items will last and are very cost-effective.

Believe us we are not scaremongering – we want you to enjoy a really great summer but making 2013 The Summer of Security can give you the piece of mind to make the summer a time to remember.

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