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5 Pro Tips for Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod from Ironmongery Online

We'd like to offer you some Pro tips relating to threaded rods. At Ironmongery Online we like to think we are a specialist in Threaded bars/rods, studding connectors and chemical anchors which is quite a statement to make when you consider our website stocks something like 50,000 different items and threaded rod only accounts for a tiny percentage of these products. Threaded Rod From Ironmongery Online So why do we say that we specialise in this area? Well threaded rod is in itself a fairly niche market and there are not too many places that stock a wide range like we do and it’s not the sort of item that your average DIY enthusiast is going to be buying on a regular basis from their local hardware shop. Our range is, as you’d expect from a leading online retailer, made to very high specifications when it comes to quality and durability.

We offer threaded bar options that cover a vast number of uses to give you confidence that whatever your needs we can fulfil them. We are confident that as we offer such a full stock for you to choose from, you would have great difficulty sourcing a lot of it anywhere else, Ironmongery Online really is the place for threaded rod. We offer threaded bars which are zinc plated, brass as well as various steel grades, from mild to high-grade stainless steel. One of our most popular items is steel tubes because of their ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage in a variety of environments and temperatures.

This means they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our tubes come in M20 Threaded Rod, M16 Threaded Rod, M12 Threaded Rod, M10 Threaded Rod and M8 Threaded Rod. These are standard metric measurements to make it easier for you to order the right ones for the job. So for instance if you need a thread with an outer diameter of 20 millimetres then you will just need to order an M20 threaded bar. To complement our stock of steel bars and tubes we also provide all of the studding connectors and chemical anchors you will need to complete the job in a professional manner. We supply chemical resin cartridges, spare nozzles, anchor capsules and connectors in various pack sizes so no matter how big or small the job is you have it covered with Ironmongery Online.

Why Threaded Rod?

Suspended ceilings and mezzanine floors are two of the popular uses for them. Also they serve as a good option for hanging sheet metal ducts and similar equipment within a commercial building. It is common for one end of the rod to be fixed to ceiling structure, then thread the other end into a fastener or clip. These clips or fasteners can then be used to hang ductwork, lighting fixtures, or other equipment.

Suspended Ceilings

There can’t be many commercial building projects, which don’t have a suspended ceiling as part of their key components. Often it’s the biggest single surface, and they make a huge difference to the look and acoustics of the property. So when it comes to the top fixings that support the ceiling their importance cannot be overstated. They play a vital safety role as there have been far too many ceiling collapses in the UK due to basic mistakes with installation and their subsequent use.

Ways to Reduce the Risks

It’s worth pointing out that even though we took every care when writing this blog post to try and be as accurate as possible we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Most problems are caused by not using the correct bars/rods for the job or perhaps using the right ones but just not enough of them or installing them badly by not following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not sure it is always best to employ a qualified tradesman to carry out the work. Sometimes the jobs are done well but simply too much weight is added after the installation. You’d be amazed how many daft people walk or crawl on ceilings that are just not designed for that use. Often it is simply using sub-standard rods though if you buy from Ironmongery Online that won’t be an issue. When deciding which type to buy you should consider factors such as the material the rods are made from, be that standard steel rods, aluminium, mild steel, high tensile steel, coarse or fine threaded rods etc. Are you going to be using them in or outdoors in dry or wet conditions and also temperature considerations? Brass or zinc studs can be a preferred option if the look of the finished work is important to you. You should also carefully consider the length and diameter of each rod being used. Although the rods can be cut to the right length it’s often much simpler if you can get the right length from the start. We suggest that you decide which threading will be best (coarse or fine) as heavy weights are normally done via coarse rods whereas the finer threads are often used for more delicate work.

So the 5 Pro Tips

1) Take your time to research load/weight requirements 2) Use that information to quantify how many and what type of rods/bars you will need. There is a common saying “less is more” but when it comes to suspended ceilings and mezzanine floors we suggest more fixings is always better than too few. 3) What Studding Connectors and Chemical Anchors will you need? Double check you have the right ones for your bars. If you buy your rods/bars from us we can advise you on this. 4) If in doubt get a registered tradesman/specialist to do the installation for you. 5) Well tip five is obvious; buy your threaded rods and bars from Ironmongery Online.