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  1. Primus, Peat Free Coir Compost - 70Litres

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Peat Free Compost

What is Peat?

Peat is an organic material that forms in the waterlogged, sterile and acidic conditions of bogs which make up around 3% of the Earths surface. As plants die, the organic matter is laid down and slowly accumulates as peat.
Peat bogs contribute to the welfare of all living things by 'locking up' carbon that would otherwise increase the greenhouse effect. When bogs are drained and the peat starts to decompose this carbon is released into the atmosphere harming the environment, in fact peat mining contributes to the equivalent carbon emissions of 100,000 households per year.
Today peat is being extracted at an accelerating rate and is used commercially to supply gardeners and horticulturalists. Britain alone is using peat 200 times faster than it is being formed. Originally, lowland raised peat bogs covered nearly 950 square kilometres in the UK, now only 60 kilometres remain in a near natural state and still laying down peat.

Alternatives to Peat

Coconut Coir makes the perfect alternative to peat. It’s a 100% natural by-product of the coconut harvesting industry and is made from the husk of a coconut which would otherwise be discarded. It’s unique expanding ability allows the compost to expand massively just by adding water, which makes transporting litres of compost much easier. Coir Compost also has natural nutrients for plant roots and excellent air space to allow roots to grow, it also has superior water holding capacity which means it only needs 1/2 the amount of watering compared to standard peat based composts.