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Electrical & Valve Lockout Systems

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  1. Masterlock Lockout / Tagout Electrical Group Kit

  2. Masterlock Lockout Mini Circuit Breaker over 11mm

  3. Masterlock Lockout Mini Circuit Breaker under 11mm

  4. Masterlock Lockout Nylon Hasp - Non Conductive

  5. Masterlock Lockout Padlock - Plastic Shackle 38mm

  6. Masterlock Lockout Palock - Red 38mm

  7. Masterlock Lockout Pin-In Circuit Breaker

  8. Masterlock Lockout Pouch - Electrical

  9. Masterlock Lockout Tags - Do Not Operate (Pack of 12)

  10. Masterlock Lockout Toolbox Kit - Valve & Electrical

  11. Masterlock Lockout Toolbox Kit- Electrical

  12. Masterlock Lockout Universal Ball Valve

  13. Masterlock Lockout MCB Set (S2390 / S2391/ S2392 / S2393)

  14. Masterlock Lockout Hasp - 4mm Shackle

  15. Masterlock Lockout Griptight Set (491b & 493b)

  16. Masterlock Lockout / Tagout Labelled Snap-on-Hasp

  17. Masterlock Lockout Adjustable Cable 1.8m

  18. Masterlock Lockout Circuit Breaker - Large

  19. Masterlock Lockout Circuit Breaker - Small

  20. Masterlock Lockout Circuit Breaker Padlock

  21. Masterlock Lockout Compact Pouch

  22. Masterlock Lockout Electrical Kit

    Out of stock

  23. Masterlock Lockout Electrical Plug Cover - Large

  24. Masterlock Lockout Electrical Plug Cover - Small

  25. Masterlock Lockout Gate Valve Cover 150 - 165mm

  26. Masterlock Lockout Gate Valve Cover 50 - 125mm

  27. Masterlock Lockout Universal Circuit Breaker S2393

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Electrical and valve lockout kits from Ironmongery Online

Securing your possessions is one thing, protecting your business and property from threats and accidents that may occur in the work place is another. We stock a variety of lockout tools to secure everything from circuit breakers to valves to prevent accidental switching. These tools are highly visible and red in colour, and some even have a warning notice integrated into them to make their purpose obvious.

Masterlock lockout tools & systems

Accidents are an unfortunate occurrence when in the workplace due to their potentially huge implications, but you can reduce the risks of any mishaps by using masterlock lockouts on important switches. Whilst performing maintenance, the risk of accidents (some of which can even be fatal) is even higher. Switch and valve lockout systems prevent anyone accidently flipping a switch back on or opening a valve during maintenance by encasing or isolating the switch or valve and locking it in place.

Valve and electrical lockout systems are there to show others that the item is being serviced, protecting your business and those who work in your business. Whether you are looking to purchase an entire lockout kit or specific lockout tools, look no further than Ironmongery Online; switch, plug, circuit breaker and valve lockout tools are just a few clicks away.

Order your electrical lockout kits online

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