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Electronic Security Systems

Motion detectors, cameras and other electronic security systems

Sometimes reliable security goes a little bit further than a locked door. For extra peace of mind around your home or business property, browse the range of electronic security products at Ironmongery Online and upgrade your building security so you don’t have to worry about unwelcome guests. Our range of halogen floodlights and camera security systems not only help you view who is on your property but also act as a great deterrent to any potential intruders. Make a wise investment and choose one our electronic security solutions today.

Camera security systems

Security cameras help you to see who is around or on a property at any time. We stock a full range of camera systems, including the complete kit and accessories required to help you set them up and view the footage remotely. Ceiling cameras are perfect for observing people in a room (for example a busy shop or venue) whilst wall-mounted cameras are ideal in porches, outside external doors or facing the driveway. Many of our camera systems connect wirelessly to a monitor, so you can watch safely from inside without having to open the front door or peer out of a window.

The great thing about electronic security cameras is that many have the capability to record footage, so if you ever are to run into any trouble with an unwanted visitor on your property, you’ll have the video evidence to back you up. This type of recording technology is becoming increasingly used for personal use in vehicles as well as at home. 

We also know that just the presence of a security camera alone can act as a deterrent, which is why we also stock dummy CCTV cameras for extra peace of mind. These can easily be set up outside the front door to give any visitors the impression of surveillance – they’ll never know that it isn’t real.

Halogen floodlights

Like security cameras, halogen floodlights will provide you with an easy view of who is entering or around your property. Our range of halogen floodlights with motion detectors will light up instantly when movement is detected in the chosen area (for example, on a driveway or around the back door), so the person entering your property can be seen in full view. This type of electronic security is also a fantastic deterrent, as no nosy visitor is going to want to be lit up for the whole street to see!  Floodlights are also helpful for household members, lighting up front porch areas so you can easily and safely find your way to the front door.