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Garage, Van & Trailer Locks

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  1. Abus Integral Van Lock Black 141/200 & 26/70 with 70mm Series 26 Discus Padlock

  2. Abus Integral Van Lock White 141/200 & 23/70 with 70mm Series 23 Discus Padlock

  3. Abus Integral Van Lock White 141/200 & 26/70  70mm 26 Discus Padlock

  4. Masterlock MLK736E Van Lock

  5. Masterlock Trailer Hitch Lock

  6. H.Squire Combi 2 Recodeable Locking Bolt 120mm - Black

  7. H.Squire Combi 2 Recodeable Locking Bolt 120mm - Chrome

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Buy garage, van and trailer locks online

Oftentimes, some of our most valuable items are kept inside our vehicles or garages. Whether you’re an electrician with a van full of your most-used tools or you’re a homeowner with a garage storing valuable equipment and memorabilia, keeping your belongings safe is crucial. While everyday locks might be suitable for gates and doors, vans, garages and trailers require something a lot more durable to keep them protected. That’s where our brilliant range of super strong purpose-made locks come in handy. Get started by browsing the collection at Ironmongery Online today!  

Van locks

A van without any heavy duty locking system installed is a tempting invitation to potential thieves. Don’t be fooled by thinking your van is secure as it is – many thieves know how to bypass conventional locking systems to access the contents of a van. Our top range of van-specific vehicle locks will add an extra strength layer of protection to deter and prevent any unwelcome openings. We stock discus padlocks and more to offer superior protection to your van.

For other vehicles such as trailers, you may wish to consider our other collection of transport locks, including trailer hitch locks complete with keys to fix into the coupling head and protect your trailer from unauthorised use.

Garage and shed locks

When there’s no spare room in the house to keep valuable appliances or belongings, it makes sense to store them in the garage. Of course many of us use our garages to house our cars, too. Keeping these valuables out of the way is a good idea, but not such a good one if your garage is unsecure. Up your home security with a specialised garage lock from our great value collection.

Many of our locks are constructed with an anti-rust finish and are made from corrosive-resistant metals, so you can rely on it time and time again to keep your vehicle or garage secure. We stock highly renowned brands such as Masterlock, Silverline and Abus. These reliable lock makers are amongst some of the best, producing reliable and resilient security options for a range of purposes.

We check all our items for quality before choosing to stock them on the website, so you know you’re buying from a trustworthy and reliable supplier. As ironmongery experts, we stock only the best items in our online store so can rely on us to be your go-to online stockist time and time again. Why not place an order today?