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Mole Traps

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  1. Tunnel Type Mole Trap

  2. Scissor Type Mole Trap

  3. Talpex Type Mole Trap

  4. Procter Pest Stop Tunnel Type Mole Trap

  5. Procter Pest Stop Scissor Type Mole Trap

  6. Defenders Solar Powered Sonic Mole Repeller Spike

  7. Procter Pest Stop Solar Powered Mole Repeller

  8. Procter Pest Stop Electronic Mole Repeller

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Mole control from Ironmongery Online

We have a great selection of mole control solutions to help you repel or eradicate any mole or vole infestation. Mole’s can cause damage to your carefully tendered lawns. Mole holes are unsightly on lawns and can also damage plant root systems. These pests remain underground throughout the year. But gardens and homeowners become aware of them mainly during the spring and fall, especially after periods of rain, when they push mounds of dirt up to the ground surface.

Help is at hand with our range of tried and tested humane mole control solutions from some of the biggest names in pest control. We have solutions to suit all situations and budgets – from traditional scissor and tunnel traps to the latest sonic repellers. Our team have chosen the best available mole control solutions – all offered at great value prices, backed by our reliable and speedy delivery promise and our exceptional service level.

Mole traps and much more

Our mole traps and mole control products are designed to resolve any mole infestation. Traps are a humane way of killing moles while solar powered sonic repellers drive moles and other burrowing animals away by emitting low frequency ground vibrations.

We provide lots of on page product information to help you choose the most suitable solution. Our friendly team will also be happy to answer any further questions. Why not check out our handy guide on ‘How to get rid of moles in your garden.’

As part of our extensive pest control range you can buy with complete confidence from the UK’s leading online hardware store. We offer a 30 day returns policy if you are not happy with your purchase - to find out more click here