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Nippon Ant Killer Powder 500gm

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Size: 500g

This Nippon ant killer powder is used for the control of common black ants in and around the home. This is a highly efficient ant and crawling insect killer. This ant killer is long lasting - up to 6 months control and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Apply this powder at the first sign of ant activity. This ant killer powder contains permethrin.

Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas.

How to use:

Remove cap and hold the container pointing slightly downwards. Apply as a fine dust to surfaces. Replace cap after use.

Ants: Where possible open up the nest, dust well and tread down. Dust along the ant runs, cracks, crevices and other places. Entrances to nests should be liberally dusted, particularly in cases where the ants cannot be disturbed. Where ants are invading premises apply to points of access such as doorsteps, window frames, air-bricks, etc.

Crawling insects - cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish, woodlice and other crawling insects: Apply around cracks and other entry points. Leave powder undisturbed and re-treat as necessary.

Wasps: Apply dust liberally into the nest or apply in piles at the nest entrance. Treatment is best carried out in the evening or on dull days when wasp activity is at a minimum. Take care not to disturb the colony and do not return to the nest until all wasp activity has ceased.

Please Note: Do not use on soft furnishings.

If you require bulk quantities please contact us for availability

Health and Safety Advice: Always read the label: Use pesticides safely.

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