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Wood Fixings

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  1. Black & Decker X66430 Fluted Dowels (50) 6mm x 30mm

  2. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 10 x 40mm (Tub 100)

  3. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 30 x  6mm (Tub 300)

  4. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 30 x 6mm (72)

  5. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 40 x  8mm (Tub 150)

  6. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 40 x 10mm (35)

  7. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 40 x 8mm (50)

  8. Faithfull Wood Dowels Fluted 6mm - 10mm (Kit 550)

  9. Trend BSC/0/ 100 Biscuits

  10. Trend BSC/10/100 Biscuits

  11. Trend BSC/10/1000 Biscuits

  12. Trend BSC/20/100 Biscuits

  13. Faithfull Universal Dowelling Jig Set

    Out of stock

  14. Faithfull Dowel Kit 8mm Drill & Points

  15. Black & Decker X66432 Fluted Dowels (40) 8mm x 40mm

  16. Black & Decker X66434 Fluted Dowels (30) 10mm x 40mm

  17. Faithfull Biscuit Wood (Tub 100) No 20

  18. Faithfull Biscuit Wood (Tub 125) No 10

  19. Faithfull Biscuit Wood (Tub 150) No 0

  20. Faithfull Centre Points 2 x 10mm

  21. Faithfull Centre Points 2 x 6mm

  22. Faithfull Centre Points 2 x 8mm

  23. Faithfull Dowel Drill Stops 6-10mm

  24. Faithfull Dowel Kit 10mm Drill & Points

  25. Faithfull Dowel Kit 6mm Drill & Points

  26. Trend BSC/20/1000 Biscuits

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Wooden fixings from Ironmongery Online

Whether the task is flooring, carpentry or constructing flat pack furniture, we have a variety of wood fixings to meet your requirements. We also stock dowel drill stops to help you drill the correct depth when dowelling, centre points to accurately mark your dowel holes and jig sets to give you pin point accuracy when drilling into wood in preparation for joining. Buy from us in confidence knowing that if you place your order before 3pm you can choose our next day delivery service for £4.99, so your items are dispatched straight away from our UK based warehouse. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for full peace of mind.

Wooden dowels

Here at Ironmongery Online we stock a variety of dowel pegs in different sizes and quantities. From 6x30mm to 10x40mm, all our wood dowels are fluted and made of air dried beech wood. The fluted fixings allow excess glue to escape via the flute channels to relieve the hydraulic pressure and lower the risk of splitting the pieces of wood being fitted together. Dowelling has been used for centuries as a method of joining or reinforcing joints. Save yourself the hassle of cutting your own and buy dowels from us today and have them in your tool kit as quickly as tomorrow.

Wooden biscuits

If you prefer biscuit joints over dowelling joints then you’ll find a good range of wood biscuits for your projects here in our online store as we stock three sizes - #0, #10 and #20. With the addition of a woodworking adhesive, this beech wood will expand up to 20%, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Paired with a jointer, using wooden biscuits offers a quick means to achieve perfectly flush joints and like dowels, wooden biscuits reinforce the joints they are being used to fit. When joining composite wood or soft woods biscuit joining is a faster and more precise method of joining than dowelling. If it’s a small task at hand our 100 biscuits would suit you perfectly, whereas for tasks on a grander scale, our larger quantity option of 1000 biscuits will see you through.

Buy safely and securely from Ironmongery Online today and enjoy friendly and efficient service from our expert UK based hardware store.